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Manage your flights

Log in to customise your booking

What can you do?

Once you are in Manage Your Flights, you can edit and add many things to your booking.


Pick your seats

Choose your favourite seats before you fly and make sure you're sitting together.


Upgrade your cabin

Treat yourself to a cabin upgrade and all of the joys that come along with that.


Add baggage

Confirm how many bags you will be checking in and save time and money by adding excess bags now.


Customise your experience

Add extra to your flights to make it a more memorable experience.

Information for passengers who are booked to travel on a Delta Air Lines flight.

Please check your tickets to see which airline your flight is operated by.

For Virgin Atlantic flights, please proceed to Manage Your Flights to retrieve your flight details. For Delta Air Lines, please proceed to My Trips on, to manage your flight.

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