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Inseat power

To keep your gadgets going throughout your flight, we offer inseat power in our Upper Class, Premium Economy and some Economy cabins.

Depending on which aircraft you're flying on, there are three types of power options: USB, AC power and EmPower®.

If you know which aircraft you're flying on, you can use our table below to work out which power lead you'll need to bring with you.

If you're not sure which aircraft you're flying on, you can find out via My booking.

Please be aware that for safety reasons, you can use these options to power your devices, but not charge them.

AC power

If you’re in a seat equipped with AC Power, you'll just need the standard wall power supply that came with your laptop or other electrical device.

The power on the aircraft is typically 110V AC. It has a universal receptacle that accepts the following types of plugs:

  • US non-polarised two blade plug (both blades are the same size)
  • US polarised two blade plug (one blade is bigger than the other)
  • US non-polarised two blade plug with ground (aka three prong)
  • European standard two cylindrical prong plug (two round prongs)
  • UK three pin plug
  • And other types of plug.

EmPower® DC Power

EmPower® offers 15V DC power at up to 75 watts per seat, so you'll need an adapter that’s compatible.

The system has a limit on the power it can provide to a seat. There may be times when your device needs more than the system can provide, so it'll either work for a short period of time, or not at all.

For Apple laptop owners, the MagSafe Airline Adapter is compatible with EmPower® outlets.
If you don't have your own lead, our cabin crew has Kensington power leads you can borrow: just ask. The leads may need either a US or UK plug adaptor.

USB for power

Our aircraft also feature USB sockets to power your devices.

Take a look at this table to find out which power option is available on your flight.

Power configurations onboard

Wrapper table
Aircraft type: Upper Class and
Premium Economy:
B747-400 AC Power/USB (Aircraft G-VBIG only)
USB only
B787-900 AC Power/USB
AC Power/USB
A340-600 EmPower/USB*
 A330 AC Power/USB USB only

*USB being introduced throughout 2016.