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Julian Palmer, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold member

Name: Julian Palmer

Lives: Surrey

Membership Tier: Flying Club Gold Member

Time with Virgin Atlantic: Member since April 1992

Jet setting Julian Palmer, talks about Richard Branson, being on our first ever flight, and why he won’t cross the Atlantic unless it’s with us.

If anyone knows what flying with Virgin Atlantic is all about, it’s Julian Palmer. Who else has 3 suitcases at home packed with Virgin Atlantic amenity kits dating back from 1984? “My daughter was 1 when I started flying with Virgin. She started to want the kits for her dollhouse, so I kept bringing them back…”

3 suitcases and hundreds of amenity kits later, he still flies Virgin Atlantic. But what brings him back?

“Looking after customers, no matter what level of passenger they are, is something they do very well. I don’t know how they find their staff,” muses Julian.

Fly with us as often as Julian, and you can’t fail to attract a certain someone’s attention. That someone, of course, being Richard Branson. “In the early days he used to have parties for his flyers, even at his own house in Oxfordshire.”

So what’s his take on the maverick Branson? “Richard’s a lovely guy. The thing I like about him most is that he’s genuine. He’s not a false character and he remembers you well.”  Julian smiles then adds, “I bumped into him once in Boston one night, he said ‘You’re Julian, aren’t you?’ and stopped to have a drink with me at the bar, asking me how things were going and what I thought of the airline. He’s an amazing man. He is the brand at the end of the day.”

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