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How far we've come

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What we've done so far

The Virgin Atlantic Foundation (VAF) is a UK registered charity and was created to support the welfare of children and young people through funds raised through Virgin Atlantic’s Community Investment programme. All our Change for Children and staff fundraising donations support VAF. These funds are used by Free The Children (FTC) to support projects in some of our destinations, as well as in the UK.

In addition to supporting FTC, in 2012 VAF donated 158 flight tickets to good causes. These tickets helped charities such as Help a London Child, Great Ormond Street, children’s hospices and others, so they could auction them to help raise valuable funds.

Where possible we also help fly children to other countries for life saving medical treatment. For our staff we hold a monthly ‘flight prize draw’ to win a pair of tickets for their chosen charity to auction to help raise valuable funds.

VAF also provides emergency relief funding in response to various international crises.

In 2012, VAF distributed the equivalent of £1.4 million in staff time, stuff and money.

Change for Children onboard donations: £677,824.91

Staff fundraising: £200,268.28

Volunteer staff time: £103,905.00

Flights and miscellaneous items: £433,775.99

Community Investment Report

To see our achievements in more detail you can view our Autumn 2012 Community Investment Report.