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Say hello to Headspace

We’re really interested in finding ways to make our customers feel happier and healthier. So we’ve teamed up with Headspace, a company that encourages people to set aside a little time for the health of their minds.

Try Headspace before your next flight

The fantastic free Headspace app, available in Apple Store (opens in a new window) or Google Play (opens in a new window), has now been downloaded more than 3m times and enjoys a stellar celebrity following. Based on the techniques that Headspace founder, Andy Puddicombe, learnt in Asia as a Buddhist monk, the app teaches you meditation and mindfulness skills in as little as ten minutes a day.

Think of it like a gym membership for your mind. Andy, as your personal trainer, motivates you positively to improve your health. Best of all, the Headspace starter course, Take10, is completely free. So why not get started before you fly?

Change your brain

Scientists are beginning to discover that meditation is about much more than relaxation. Research has shown that it can improve focus, reduce stress, even enhance marriages and help treat insomnia. In fact, over time, it’s been shown to actually alter the structure of the brain and help you understand its behaviour better. As Andy puts it, ‘it offers us a way to enrich aspects of life which already make us happy and cope better with what we find difficult.’

Try Headspace on your next flight

To fully appreciate the benefits of meditation, all you need is a little time and a quiet place to sit (hello, air travel). So on your next Virgin Atlantic flight, why not try a few of the short exercises we’ve developed with Headspace for Virgin Atlantic flyers? You can access them onboard through the ‘TV’ section of your inflight entertainment system. Some exercises can help straight away, helping you sleep, or calming you if you’re a nervous flyer. Others work towards a longer-term goal, like helping you make the most of every moment of your trip, or laying the foundation for a daily meditation practice.

Can you see the blue sky?

Andy often likens a calm mind with the blue sky (opens in a new window) you see when your plane passes above cloud level. It’s always there, we sometimes just need reminding of it. A great thought for your next Virgin Atlantic trip.