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The kids are alright

Kids onboard

We've loaded our aircraft with everything kids love. Boredom is banned.

With a huge range of children's films and TV shows on offer, your children will be busy enjoying themselves from pre take-off right up until you step off the plane. That's sure to take some of the strain out of family travel.

Once onboard they'll find KiD backpacks on their seat, bursting with goodies to keep them busy while you get settled in.

On all flights your kids can choose from movies, TV and games suitable for all ages. And if they've got their own seats, they'll have their own TVs too.

Parental lock functionality is available on all aircraft apart from our A340 300's. Please ask a member of cabin crew at the start of your flight if you need any help setting it up.

kids on board entertainment this month

What's playing for kids this month

We've got the latest movies and entertainment for kids that you'll love too!

Inflight entertainment

Kid's Meals

Our kids’ menu has been created with the fussiest child in mind and includes a variety of familar dishes that are sure to tickle their tastebuds. The crew are also regularly on hand with drinks to keep you and your little ones refreshed.

  • Baby meals -  specifically for little ones under 12 months which include standard pureed or bottled foods (no solids).
  • Children’s meals - specifically for our younger passengers aged 12 months to 12 years old which are nutritious, easy to eat and nut friendly. This means that while they don't contain nuts, they're not prepared in a nut free facility so may contain nut traces.

Kids meals aren't vegetarian. If your young one is a veggie they should go for the standard vegetarian option rather than a kids meal.

Children's meals aren't booked automatically. As soon as you’ve booked your tickets you can order a kids’ meal through My booking, or you can call us on 0344 874 7747.


Order your kids meal

Lorraine Pascale kids dishes

Lorraine Pascale's tasty kids' dishes

We've worked with top TV cook Lorraine Pascale to create some delicious and fun children's dishes including:

  • ‘Marvellous’ mac’n’cheese with pancetta pieces
  • Crispy tender chicken strips with potato wedges and crushed peas
  • Sweet and sour pork balls with sunshine rice
  • Mum’s chilli con carne with calypso rice

More on our team-up with Lorraine