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Lost property

If you think you have left something behind on one of our planes or in our lounges, you can check if it has been found by e-mailing or calling the lost property department of the airport you arrived into using the addresses or numbers listed below.

Any lost property found on board our aircraft is taken off the plane by the Security Staff and passed to the airport's lost property handlers. The item will then be stored for one calendar month from the day the aircraft arrives. Unless it is a perishable item which will be destroyed immediately.

When you e mail the airport's lost property service please give the following details: -

  • Full name
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Flight Number and Flight Date
  • Seat Number (if applicable)
  • Full description of the item and the place where you think you left it

The lost property team will check if the item has been logged, if it has they will contact you to clarify if the item is yours and discuss how you want the item returned to you. There is a charge of between £5 and £20 or local equivalent depending on your arrival airport for this service plus the cost of postage/delivery, which will be collected by the lost property handler before the item is returned.

If the item has not been logged the lost property team will e-mail you within 5 days, there is no cost for this service.

We can provide you with an individual written confirmation that we have searched for the item you have described to us, for insurance purposes. Before requesting this from us you must check with your insurers first as this "confirmation of search", letter may not be sufficient proof of your loss. Our lost property handlers may charge for this service.

Please contact the airport where your flight arrived (or the Clubhouse where you think you left the item)

Heathrow - Bagport

Heathrow - Outside UK

Gatwick - Excess Baggage

Manchester - Excess Baggage

All other airports

  • Tel 0344 209 7304 select option 3


  • Tel 1 800 880 6253