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Ten Maxims of the New Business Traveler

According to the U.S. Travel Association, U.S. residents logged 452 million business-related trips in 2013.Increased connectivity and modern technology has helped make this possible. This shift to an always on culture has changed the way people approach their careers. It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish between being on the clock and off the clock, and between working and playing.

As one of the most popular airlines for transatlantic travel, flying between five million and six million people every year, Virgin Atlantic launched a study to explore the effect this is having on business travelers. We asked our own flyers to share their perspectives, attitudes, and what drives them – in business, in travel, and in life. The findings revealed a new type of traveler; one that thrives on blurring the boundaries between business and leisure and sees travel as an opportunity to benefit their career and their personal life.


Brilliant Minds in Business

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