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New safety video

Awards season inspires Virgin Atlantic’s latest on-board safety video

Posted Monday, 24 February 2014 at 09:00

Awards fever has hit Virgin Atlantic, as the airline plays homage to cinema in its latest safety video, taking inspiration from iconic titles such as Brief Encounter and 2001, A Space Odyssey.

Despite its plethora of sophisticated and award winning inflight entertainment options, the safety video is the one film that’s watched more than any other. Viewed by every passenger on every flight, it’s the most important video shown on-board. From Saturday, the airline launches its very own movie inspired offering.

Created by design agency Art & Graft, animated characters take the viewer on a theatrical journey through different movie genres, including film noir and western, to capture the attention of passengers and inform them of the aircraft’s emergency procedures.

Leon Trigg, Production Manager at Virgin Atlantic, commented;

“As the pioneers of inflight entertainment, we wanted to create a video that reflected the airline’s love of cinema, whilst continuing to advance our reputation for quality and innovation. This video will be watched thousands of times a week, so it was vital it had the cheeky Virgin Atlantic edge we’re known and loved for.

“Art & Graft have embraced our focus on films, which runs throughout our marketing and advertising campaigns, to create a video which should amuse and engage cutomer, whilst demonstrating the airline’s key safety messages.”

British Comedienne Morgana Robinson complements the video with her quirky voiceovers, setting the tone with different accents and impressions for each movie genre.

Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to offer all passengers individual seatback TVs and interactive TV entertainment in all classes. Its latest system, Vera Touch, was launched in 2011 and offers touchscreen entertainment, along with the ability to plug in your own portable devices, including mobile phones, cameras and MP3 players.