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Virgin Atlantic Paints the East Coast Red

Virgin Atlantic Paints the East Coast Red


Richard Branson’s trans-Atlantic airline brings cheerful delights to grey days in New York, Boston, and Washington, DC

South Norwalk, CT (March 25, 2013): Virgin Atlantic has spent the last two weeks bringing special surprises to commuters, followers and fans in the northeast as the region experiences a slow start to Spring. The airline’s commitment to ‘Fly in the Face of Ordinary’ (#FITFOO) has seen teams of cabin crew take to the streets in fleets of branded red Mini Coopers (opens in a new window), bringing a ‘splash of red’ to dreary days on the ground.

Washingtonians, Bostonians and New Yorkers suffering a banal experience, be it an endless, rainy cab queue or an unentertaining wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles, need just follow Virgin Atlantic’s American Twitter handle, @VAAintheUSA (opens in a new window), and message their mundanity with the hashtag #FITFOO, and the airline’s glamorous crew may just pop up with a treat to help turn the day right around. Virgin Atlantic hasn’t forgotten that flying really can be extraordinary, and wants to remind people that going above and beyond the call is still very worthwhile.

“When did clutching a boarding pass stop feeling like you’d won one of Willie Wonka’s golden tickets and start feeling like you were holding bus fare?” asks Simon Bradley, Virgin Atlantic’s VP of Marketing. “We like to give our customers an experience to remember as much as their first time taking flight — whether it’s through our complimentary food and drinks service, our award-winning inflight entertainment or our phenomenal cabin crew. We’ve brought a taste of that to the streets in Washington and Boston, and this week we come to New York, to remind people that flying shouldn’t be just another way to get from point A to point B.”

So far Virgin Atlantic has brought a taste of #FITFOO to a Boston-based writer (opens in a new window) who was running late to a meeting during a public transportation fail, got a hard-to-score reservation for two at a classy champagne bar for a bachelorette about town (opens in a new window), and livened up a boring training session for a bloke in need of a sugar fix in our nation’s capital, amongst many more surprises. New Yorkers? Now’s your chance – Virgin Atlantic’s #FITFOO fairies are brightening lives in the Big Apple until Wednesday afternoon.