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Jump Start Jetsetter

Virgin Atlantic introduces Virgin Cocktail for Detoxing Flyers

Virgin Atlantic has introduced a special virgin cocktail for flyers who have vowed to make January all about health and wellbeing.  The Jumpstart Jetsetter will be available to Upper Class passengers traveling through one of the airline’s award winning Clubhouses.  The new virgin ‘Jump Start Jetsetter’ cocktail includes:  

Pineapple Juice : Antioxidant that increases intestinal productivity and rich in Vitamin C 

Coconut Water: An alkaline that has great cleansing effects on the body

Ginger: Antioxidant that stimulates digestion and circulation

Agave: High in vitamins and minerals, low GI

Mint: Soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation

Angostura bitters: Stimulates digestion and reduces trapped gasses

Egg whites: Zero fat and low calorie protein

Fresh lemon: Helps break down fats and stimulates digestion

Mark Murphy, Virgin Atlantic’s Food & Beverage Expert and former chef, has combined his in-depth knowledge of food with top tips from the airline’s Chief Beauty Officer, Rebecca Creer, to create a health and wellness-inspired menu that includes ingredients to boost the immune system, enhance mood and detoxify the body.  

Menu options include: 

  • Super food porridge, made with either water or soya milk, topped with dried cranberries and nuts
  • Fresh fruit salad, using the freshest, seasonal fruit available
  • Bamboo steamed salmon, with Asian vegetables and fresh ginger
  • Wonton noodle soup, bok choi and bean sprouts
  • Char-grilled French bean and spring onion salad
  • Traditional green salad
  • Soy marinated Ahi tuna loin, with Udon noodles and a Dashi broth

Murphy explains: “The beginning of a new year is often when many people look to being more healthy. We have created a fun virgin cocktail, the Jump Start Jetsetter, that that’s armed with antioxidants and vitamins, while maintaining the delicious flavors our passengers expect from our signature Clubhouse cocktails.”

In addition to the new virgin cocktail and food options in the Clubhouse, the team has pulled some top tips from the airline’s most frequent flyers, the Cabin Crew!   The most popular food choices for preparing to travel include:

Coconut Water
Staying hydrated is shown to significantly reduce feelings of jet lag, so make sure you drink plenty of water or coconut water.

Eating bananas boosts serotonin which stabilizes your mood and has a calming effect on the brain.

This tropical fruit contains high levels of vitamin C that helps improve your immune system. Pineapple juice also helps with digestion and aids in flushing your system.

Wheatgrass powder contains the same green pigment found in plants, and helps detox the liver as well as regulate digestion. You can buy organic powder wheatgrass and mix it in with fruit juice to create a natural flush.  

To learn more about the benefits of these power foods and discover more top tips for healthy flying, visit our Destination Wellness page

Murphy concludes “Offering choice in our Clubhouses remains our priority, so our regular customers needed fear – all of our regular cocktails, from the Virgin Redhead to the Love Potion, will still be available.  And for those wanting to have a clam chowder in Boston or hearty burger and fries in New York, before take-off can still indulge in their favorite food.”

For more top health tips from Virgin Atlantic visit our health & wellness (opens in a new window) or inflight exercise page and for photos, visit our Pinterest page (opens in a new window)