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Existing Cardholders

Special offers and miles are yours for the taking

Consider yourself most warmly welcomed to the page that’s all about you. The Virgin Atlantic World Elite MasterCard® that you’ve added to your wallet comes loaded with knock-your-socks-off perks. Fasten your seatbelt and have a gander below.

Some extra goodies

Refer a friend

Tell a friend! An easy way to earn more miles

Spreading the word about all the great perks of having the credit card could earn you even more rewards. For every friend or family member you refer who becomes a new cardholder, you’ll earn 5,000 bonus miles. There’s no limit to the miles you can rack up.

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Luxury benefits

Want more?

Experience travel on a whole new level with luxury benefits and amenities, global VIP recognition and access, including special promotions, and an always on-call personal travel advisor, exclusively available to you.

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Shop at Sam's Club

Your dream destination, in high definition

Receive up to a $25 gift card* when you join or renew as a Sam's Plus MemberTM. Then, when you shop at Sam's Club, use your Virgin Atlantic credit card and you'll earn Flying Club miles finding yourself one step closer to that dream vacation.

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More ways to earn more miles

Shopping with the credit card gets you lots of miles, and lots of miles get you lots of rewards. But wait, there’s more.

Add users to your account

Add more users and you add more miles***

Got a spouse or special someone who also deserves the credit card? Add them to your account and receive bonus miles when you do. You get those bonus miles and you earn miles for every purchase they make on the credit card. Call 1.800.531.6058 to add users or to learn more.

Earn bonus miles

Loyalty has its rewards

We reward longevity handsomely-with Anniversary miles. If you use the Black credit card to make qualifying purchases and stay with us for one year, you’ll receive up to 15,000 bonus miles on your anniversary. If you use the White credit card to make qualifying purchases, you'll receive up to 7,500 bonus miles.

Earn miles when you shop

The ultimate retail therapy

Log on to our online shopping site, Shops Away, and you’ll find hundreds of participating retailers. Get bonus miles for every $1 spent on purchases, and earn additional miles when you spend with your Card.

Let the therapy begin

Earn miles with everyday spending

Paying recurring bills means automatic miles

Consider setting up recurring monthly charges like utilities, cable and phone bills to be automatically charged to your credit card by your service providers. For every purchase, you'll earn miles - automatically! That's piece of mind - with mileage. Contact your service provider.

Take control

Banking online

Online Banking brings the bank to you

With Online Banking, you can view your balance, your monthly statements and all kinds of opportunities to manage your finances, like making it easier to pay your credit card bill on time.

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Card benefits: An encore

Can’t recall the many benefits of being a cardholder? Well, who can blame you? Here’s a reminder of all the wondrous perks at the very core of your Virgin Atlantic Black Card and Virgin Atlantic White Card.

Terms and conditions

*Join or renew as a Sam's PlusTM Member and receive a $25 gift card, or join or renew as a Sam's SavingsTM or Sam's BusinessTM Member and receive a $10 gift card. You must be 18 or older to purchase a membership, and membership is subject to qualifications. This offer is valid for memberships issued in-club only and is not valid online. Gift card will beprovided at the time membership is paid for and card is issued. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Only one gift card per primary member. The gift card with this offer cannot be used toward membership fees and must be claimed within 30 days of membership signup or renewal connected with this program. Membership cards are non-transferable and are valid at all Sam's Club locations worldwide. Walmart® and Sam's Club® associates are not eligible for this offer. A Sam's Plus Membership and Sam's Savings Membership include one primary card and one spouse (or other household member 18 or older) card. A Sam's Business Membership and Sam's Plus Membership for business include one primary card, one company card and one spouse (or other household member 18 or older) card. Primary memberships are valid for one year from the date of issue. Offers are not valid at or by mail. Visit to view our privacy policy. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico. For a limited time only. One-time use only. Only original certificates accepted. Offer good through December 31, 2016.

***As the primary cardholder, you are responsible for all account activity incurred by additional cardholders.

Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for full details.