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Feeling fine

Top health tips

Concerned about the effects of flying? It’s really very easy to keep the effects of a long haul flight to a minimum. Here are our ten top tips to ensure a comfortable flight.

Keep on moving

The best way to stay comfy and minimise the risk of clotting disorders like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) at bay is to keep moving. So try to change your sitting position regularly, and avoid crossing your legs.

Walk in the clouds

Take the end of a movie as your cue to leave your seat and go for a stroll around the cabin. As well as getting your circulation going, it’s a chance to check out the view and share travel tips with other passengers!

And stretch, two, three

The Travel Tips programme on our inflight entertainment system offers plenty of exercises and advice that’ll leave you arriving at your destination as fresh as the proverbial daisy. You can also check out a few ways to stay supple on our inflight exercise page.

Just say no (to sleeping pills)

Tempting as it may be, especially if you’re a nervous flyer, we advise you don’t take a sleeping tablet on your flight. It will reduce the chance of you moving about during the flight, which isn’t good news for your circulation, and you’ll feel much groggier when you arrive.

The only exception is if your doctor is aware that you are flying and has expressly recommended that you take a sleeping tablet.

Take care of your ears

Cabin pressure changes can be painful if you’re flying with a heavy cold, sinusitis or ear problems, so we advise against travelling with these conditions if possible.

If you experience problems during the flight, suck a sweet or hold your nostrils and gently blow through your nose - this should equalise the pressure. If it doesn’t do the trick, have a chat with a member of cabin crew for some more advice.

Drink up

Keep yourself feeling hydrated throughout the flight. Our cabin crew will always be happy to provide you with a glass of water or juice, and there’s even an onboard water fountain on selected flights. So it's wise to balance a sip from the complimentary bar with a glass of something softer - just for good measure!

Eat light

As tempting as our onboard meals are, it’s best to avoid eating too much in one go as it can leave you feeling bloated. If you have any special dietary requirements, go to manage your booking and let us know at least 48 hours before you fly.


Keep your skin pampered and protected from the dry air onboard by regularly applying moisturiser and lip balm. If you wear contact lenses, it’s a good idea to bring your glasses with you, as your eyes might feel drier than usual.

Loose fit

Save any tight fitting outfits for your destination; for the flight, stay comfortable by wearing loose fitting, comfy clothes and shoes.

Time travel

Beat jet lag by setting your watch to your destination’s time as soon as you get onboard.