General seating information:

Here at Virgin Atlantic, we understand that most families and travelling groups want to sit together. You can either pre-assign your seats through your local reservations office, or if you have already made your booking, you can do it online.  Prices start from £30, please log into the My Booking section of our website - all you need is your booking reference/e-ticket number.

As it is not always possible to pre-allocate seats, you might find it useful to read our FAQs (opens in a new window) to find out more about this.

We will always try to accommodate your requests for seating in accordance with your needs and in line with applicable regulatory requirements.  Though, please note - seat numbers cannot be guaranteed due to operational, safety or security requirements.


Use Seat Plus to free up the seat next to you on your next flight in Economy. More space to stretch out and unwind, more space to make yourself at home and more space to relax.  Prices start from £60/$99/784ZAR.   More information on how to book Seat Plus.

You can also book an extra 3 inches of legroom in Economy, from only £40/$65 one way.   More information on how to book extra legroom seats.

Or why not stretch out and unwind in an Exit row seat, from £40/$65 one way.  Masses of legroom available, because there's no seat in front of you.  More information on how to book exit row seats.

Passengers of a larger stature:

We know that our passengers come in all shapes and sizes, and that sometimes, passengers of a larger stature may need an extra seat in order to travel safely and in comfort. It is for this reason that we ask passengers who cannot lower both armrests and/or compromise any part of the adjacent seat, to book the appropriate number of seats at time of reservation.

We recommend visiting our Seat Plus page again, for more information on how to book extra seats.

Please be aware, that we are not required to give more than one seat per ticket, or to provide accommodation in a class other than the one that has been bought.  Therefore, if you are unable to sit with the armrests down and/or compromise any part of the adjacent seat, you need to book an extra seat to avoid any disappointment or delay to your journey.


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