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Article 14

Successive Carriers, Codeshare Services & Wet Lease Services

14.1 Carriage to be performed by us and other carriers in succession under one Ticket or Conjunction Ticket, is likely to be regarded as single operation for the purposes of Regulation 2027/97, the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention, but please note the restrictions laid down in Article 15.2 in relation to our liability for such carriage.

14.2 Codeshare Services

We have arrangements with certain other carriers to enable us to provide Codeshare services to Passengers on flights operated by these carriers. Transportation provided by us under a Codeshare arrangement with these carriers is designated by a flight number that includes our two letter airline designated code "VS".

14.3 For Codeshare services on flights operated by another carrier, we are responsible for the entirety of the Codeshare journey for all obligations to Passengers established in these Conditions of Carriage. The conditions contained herein with respect to ticketing will apply to our Codeshare services on flights operated by partner airlines. However, each Codeshare partner has rules with respect to the operation of its own flights and these may differ from ours rules for flights which we operate. Such rules are incorporated herein by reference and form a part of this contract for carriage. The rules with respect to operations that may differ between us and our partners include, but are not limited to:

a) check-in time limits;

b) unaccompanied minors

c) carriage of animals

d) denied boarding compensation

f) baggage acceptance and allowances

g) refusal of carriage

14.4 For flights operated by one of our partner airlines, passengers should review the partner airline's rules (available on the partner airline's website) to familiarise themselves with matters such as check-in times, baggage allowances, denied boarding compensation and baggage rules.

14.5 We will advise you at the time of booking when a flight is to be operated by another carrier under a Codeshare arrangement.

14.6 Wet Lease Services;
On some services we have arrangements with other airlines called wet lessors who will operate the aircraft on which you will travel on our behalf using our name, our livery and the VS airline designator code. We will advise you at the time of booking if your flight is to be operated by another carrier under a wet lease arrangement.

14.7 Our website ( contains a list of the carriers that operate flights for us under a wet lease arrangement.

"Codeshare" means an arrangement by which transportation is provided to a Passenger whose Ticket bears our airline designator code ("VS") on a flight which is operated by a carrier other than us.