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Reducing our aircraft carbon emissions by 30%


We've set ourselves the ambitious target of reducing the carbon emissions from every mile we fly by 30% between 2007 and 2020.

We know this is a challenging target – we already have a young and efficient fleet of planes – but by investing in the latest fuel efficient technologies, flying as efficiently as we can, and working with partners in the industry to develop new best practice we’re confident that we’ll meet this target on schedule. What’s more, we expect our total CO2 emissions to peak by the end of the decade as our efficiency gains outstrip the growth in our operations. In October 2011 we were delighted to announce a world-first, low-carbon aviations fuel, to be delivered in partnership with exciting new fuels company LanzaTech.

Watch a short video of the press announcement about LanzaTech. You can also watch an animation of how the LanzaTech process works.

Since 1 January 2012 we've been part of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, which means that airlines now have to buy permits to cover every tonne of carbon they emit and make sure that any growth in CO2 from aviation is matched by equivalent reductions from other sectors.

We also don't forget what happens on the ground. 99.5% of the electricity we currently buy in the UK (where our major ground operations are) is generated from a mixture of renewable sources, such as wind, hydro-electric and biomass power. We're also working hard to reduce our energy consumption by installing new lighting systems, using more efficient IT systems, and encouraging our staff to reduce their energy use at work – just as we all do at home.

View our page on how you can offset your carbon footprint.

For a more detailed understanding of our sustainability targets and what we're doing to achieve them see our latest Sustainability Report.