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The small print

Reward limits and exclusions

7. Reward limits and exclusions

7.1 All Rewards including flight Rewards, are subject to availability and any additional Terms & Conditions from the relevant Reward provider which are made available to you prior to redeeming the relevant Reward. Rewards are also subject to capacity control, meaning that the Reward provider reserves the right to limit the number of goods or services available to use as Rewards, and that VAA does not guarantee the continued or unlimited availability of any Reward or reward level.

7.2 VAA and other Reward providers may prohibit Reward availability on certain dates of the year, in certain places, limit the number of Rewards available at any time, or place other restrictions on Rewards. Reward offers may be withdrawn or cancelled by VAA and other Reward providers at any time.

7.3 Rewards may not be combined or used with other promotional offers including, without limitation, discount coupons, free travel certificates, premium offers or other promotional fares.