Carbon offsetting

Offsetting the CO2 created by your flight can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

While we’re doing our very best to limit our impact on the environment, flying does generate CO2 emissions. To make carbon offsetting simple, and make sure it counts, we've partnered with myclimate for our Gold Standard Scheme.

Myclimate is a Swiss based charity funding clean energy solutions, especially in developing countries.
Endorsed by 47 NGOs worldwide, including many environmental groups, the Gold Standard we work to encourages a shift from a fossil fuel-based economy to renewable energy.

This ensures your contribution goes directly to projects that have an immediate positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Calculating your impact

We have the carbon footprint of each of our flights independently verified. This is divided between the passengers onboard according to where they sit on the plane, meaning you’ll always get an accurate assessment of your individual footprint.

Once we’ve worked out how much CO2 your flight will generate, you can contribute to a chosen project that reduces carbon in the atmosphere by the same amount. That makes your flight carbon neutral.

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