We’re alert to the dangers of serious allergies.

If you have any kind of allergy, simply follow these guidelines for a safe and comfortable flight:

  • If you have an allergy that could result in an anaphylactic reaction you should carry your medication, such as antihistamines or an Epi-Pen in your hand luggage. Check our information on bringing medication onboard

If you’ve had an allergic reaction in the last 30 days, call our Special Assistance team on 0844 412 4455.

  • If you need a specific meal, take a look at our dietary requirements information and make sure you let us know more than 48 hours before your flight
  • Just in case we can’t meet your dietary requirements, we recommend you bring your own snacks onboard

Our nut policy

Peanuts are never knowingly included in any Virgin Atlantic aircraft meals or snacks. However, our meals are not produced in a nut-free environment so may contain traces of nuts. And we can’t stop other passengers from bringing (or eating) their own food onboard, which may include peanuts.

Passengers may request a “Nut Friendly” meal which will not contain peanuts in the ingredients, however whilst every possible effort will be made we cannot guarantee that a Nut Friendly meal is completely nut or peanut free due to the environment the meals are produced in.

Nuts other than peanuts may be served on all Virgin Atlantic flights as part of the menu ingredients and/or the snack service, in all cabins.

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