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Tell your friends about Flying Club and if they join, they’ll soon be earning you bonus miles when they fly with us around the world.

All you need to do is login, then add the email addresses of the friends you want to share Flying Club with, then we do the rest.


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How much could you earn?

Virgin Atlantic aircraft in flight

Little Red

1,000 miles if their first round trip is on Little Red.           

More about Little Red

Passenger in Economy being handed menu


2,000 miles if they take their first round trip in Economy.

More about our Economy cabin

Virgin Atlantic cabin crew serving Premium Economy meals

Premium Economy

5,000 miles if they take their first round trip in Premium Economy.

More about our Premium Economy cabin

Passengers sitting at the Upper Class onboard bar

Upper Class

10,000 miles if they take their first round trip in Upper Class.

More about our Upper Class cabin

Tell your friends!

Your friend doesn't get left out of the bonuses either. Not only will they enjoy the benefits of being a Flying Club member, but they’ll also earn up to 3,000 bonus miles, when they take their first flight with us.

So, if you’re already a member, just login and send them an email. As soon as they sign up to Flying Club and share the Virgin Atlantic experience on their first flight, bonus miles will be added to your account.


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Flying Club

Join Flying Club and start earning Flying Club miles today.

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Miles Booster

Boost your Flying Club miles whenever you fly with Miles Booster.

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