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Very Virgin

Virgin Games

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Virgin Games are a part of the Virgin Group, and because they are a Virgin company, you can be sure that it’s all about having fun in that unique Virgin way.

They are also honest and fair, you’d expect nothing less and they have something that no other gaming site has, and that’s the chance to win a whole range of Virgin products and services as well as cash of course! So, if you're playing for cash or just for the hell of it, have a great time. Let the Games begin!

Available to UK members only

Earn miles

High Flyer points can be earned every time a Flying Club member makes a bet on any of the games in the Virgin Casino. Points are racked up regardless of whether members win or lose and these points can be exchanged to Flying Club miles.

1 High Flyer Point = 1 Flying Club mile.

How to book

Quote your Flying Club membership number when you log on.

You can visit the Virgin Games website at (opens in a new window)

Terms and conditions

Flying Club members can play for cash or take advantage of some of the free games. In order to play for cash, Virgin Games Terms & Conditions applys and pre-registration is required. Please log on to (opens in a new window) for further assistance.
Virgin Games operate their own loyalty programme called the High Flyer Club. The more you play and bet, the more High Flyer points you can earn. High Flyer Club members can translate their loyalty points into Flying Club miles.
1 High Flyer Point = 1 Flying Club mile.
On average members will receive 3 High Flyer points points for every £100 they wage in bets. Each game has a different loyalty point rate attached to it and members will be awarded points accordingly.

Once miles have been credited to your Flying Club account they cannot be transferred back to Virgin Games.