Support seating

We want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible on your flight with us, so we offer special support seating for passengers that need it.

If you or someone you’re travelling with needs spinal support or posture control to sit upright, we can provide Burnett Body Support for adults and the travel chair for children – check below for details of each.

To ask for support seating to be made available on your flight (or to ask about bringing your own support) give our Special Assistance team a call on 0844 412 4455.

Support we can provide

We can offer the following support options on our flights, as long as you’ve let us know you need it in advance.

The Burnett Body Support – for passengers aged approx. 12 above

The Burnett Body Support is a sheepskin-covered beanbag with full back support, a headrest and two side arms. A member of the cabin crew will use a foot pump to remove the air from inside the bag, allowing it to mould itself around the passenger for perfect support.

Travel chair – for children

Our travel chair fits snugly into the aircraft seat and has a five-point harness to provides upper-body support. The chair is generally suitable for children aged 3 – 11, depending on their size.

Bringing your own support

If a Burnett Body Support or travel chair won’t meet your needs, you can bring the following support options onboard (we cannot provide them ourselves).

If you have your own support that you would find comfortable it's worth giving our Special Assistance department a call to see if you can use it onboard. If the support is safe to use onboard and will fit in the aircraft seat they should be able to clear it for travel. 

The Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) 

The CARES harness fits around the back of the seat and attaches to the aircraft seatbelt to provide restraint for the upper part of a child's body. It is suitable for children, (both able bodied and disabled), between 2 and 4 years old, weighing between 22lb - 44lb (10-20kg), whose height is 40” (100cm) or less and who can sit upright in their own aircraft seat.

The CARES harness can be used in the Economy and Premium Economy cabins but not in an emergency exit row seat, or in seats fitted with airbag-seatbelts, including our Upper Class suites. 

To buy a CARES harness, visit (opens in a new window)

The Crelling Harness

The Crelling Harness is a supportive chest and/or waistband with shoulder straps that keep the passenger upright. The harness also helps prevents involuntary movements. Only Crelling Model 27 is accepted for use onboard. Type 27I is for children up to 5 years, Type 27A for 5-8 years and Type 27B for 9 years to adult.

The Crelling Harness can be fitted to any aircraft seat, except aisle seats, bulk head seats and those on emergency exit rows. Note that our cabin crew are not trained to use the harness, so may not be able to help you fit it.

The following information applies to our international flights. The only support seating allowed on Little Red is the AMSAFE Cares Harness, which has to be supplied by the passenger and pre-approved by our Special Assistance department.

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