Disabled seating

To discuss the seats that could be best for you, give our Special Assistance team a call on 0344 412 4455 and they’ll do their best to give you the seat you need.

Depending on your level of mobility, you’ll need to consider the following information with us when we allocate your seat:

Moveable-armrest seats

If you have mobility issues you may want to use a seat with a moveable aisle armrest. On most of our aircraft these are at every seat in the Economy cabin that is not at bulkhead or exit. On some of our 747-400 fleet, (5 aircraft primarily operating our Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow routes) the moveable armrests are only at rows 26C-27C/29C-37C/30H-37H and 31DG-37DG.

On our A330 fleet our Premium Economy seats on the left side of an aisle have moveable armrests. 

Fixed-armrest seats

Seats on Economy exit rows, bulkhead seats (where there is a wall in front of you), rows 60 D,E,F,G on the Airbus A330  and all seats in Premium Economy (not in the A330 fleet) and Upper Class have fixed armrests.

Upper deck seats

If you have difficulty walking up and down stairs quickly, we won’t be able to seat you on the upper deck of our Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

Support seating

If you want to book support seating that can offer spinal and posture support, have a look at our information on support seating.

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