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The VIP treatment...

Upper Class Wing


Use our Upper Class Wing at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and you'll enjoy a seamless transfer from car to clubhouse in just 10 minutes, as well as drive thru check in, baggage concierge and a dedicated private security channel.

Laid back check in

Laid back check in

Check in from the comfort of your chauffeur driven car at the Upper Class Wing or at our Upper Class Check In desk at the main terminal...

Image of cabin crew wearing Google Glass

Google Glass

Enhancing your Upper Class experience, with updates on flight information, weather and events happening at your local destination.

Read more about our Google Glass trial

Breeze through security

Breeze through security

Whether you arrive by chauffeur driven car or are checked in at our main terminal, you'll be whizzed through our very own Private Security Channel, giving you more time to relax in our clubhouse...

Clubhouse style

Clubhouse style

Relax and unwind in our award-winning clubhouse. Why not visit the spa for a facial, enjoy a drink at the cocktail bar, or for the ultimate in preflight indulgence, take a walk up the white marble stairway to the Grey Goose Loft Bar...


To use the Upper Class Wing...

As long as you're an Upper Class passenger, all you need to do is call us on 0344 412 4666 (UK) or +441293 493600 (international) within one month of travelling and up to 12 hours before your flight (between 7am and 8pm) with the following information:

  • Full flight details, including unique locator reference or ticket number
  • The full passport details of flying passengers, and the address of their first night stay if travelling to the U.S.
  • The car registration
  • A mobile number of the driver or passenger
  • The number of bags to be checked in
  • An email address for the confirmation
  • An estimated time of arrival

(Please note, only Virgin Atlantic passengers travelling in Upper Class can use the Upper Class Wing. Flying Club Gold Members can use the Private Security Channel only)

Drive Thru Check In

If you’ve chosen our Drive Thru service and pre-registered with us, you’ll be able to check in without leaving the luxury of your chauffeur driven car at the Upper Class Wing. Your bags are whisked away and you’ll be handed your boarding pass. Then you can breeze through Virgin Atlantic’s Private Security Channel leaving you free to enjoy the many delights of our Clubhouse.

Minimise your time at the airport by pre-registering your car before arriving. You can then arrive as late as 40 minutes before departure. If you'd prefer not to register, you will need to arrive at least 90 minutes before departure.

To pre-register your car, please call us on +441293 493600.

Find out more about chauffeur driven car arrivals on our Arrive in Style page.

Zone A Upper Class Check In

If you're making your own way to the airport, you can check in at our dedicated Upper Class Check In desks within the main terminal.

Our dedicated priority lift will then take you straight through to our Private Security Channel, meaning you'll be enjoying a cocktail in our Clubhouse within a short time of arriving at the airport.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to minimise your time at the airport then you can check in as late as 40 minutes before departure and go straight through our Private Security Channel to the boarding gate.

Flying Club Gold Members

If you're a Flying Club Gold member you and a guest can enjoy the Private Security Channel, even if you're flying in Premium Economy or Economy. Just remember to enter your membership number at the time of booking.

If your membership number doesn't appear in your booking, or if you're travelling on a reward flight, simply go to the Upper Class Check In desk with your membership card for access to our Private Security Channel.

Find out more about Flying Club.

Access for passengers travelling in their own vehicles

We are pleased to announce that Upper Class passengers who have organised their own private car transport to London Heathrow are now welcome to use the Upper Class Wing. This service will extend the number of check in options for all Upper Class passengers (regardless of booking class) travelling from London Heathrow and enable them to experience the exclusivity of the Upper Class Wing.

We will need a minimum of 12 hours notice if you would like to use your own vehicle for drive thru check in.

Access is by appointment only. Passengers can book by calling the Upper Class Support team on 01293 493600 (7am - 8pm) up to 12 hours before their flight with the following details:

  • Their flight details, including their unique locator reference or ticket number.
  • The full passport details of flying passengers, and the address of their first night stay if they’re travelling to the U.S.
  • Their car registration.
  • A mobile number of the driver or passenger.
  • The number of bags to be checked in.
  • An email address for the confirmation.
  • Their estimated time of arrival.
  • Once this information has been submitted, you'll be sent a booking confirmation and a map with full details of how to access the Upper Class Wing.
  • Valet parking and parking facilities aren’t available, and certain restrictions apply to the size and weight of vehicles.