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Our future

Making new connections

Suspension bridge in Manchester

From Aberdeen to Australia, Manchester to Mumbai and Edinburgh to the East Coast, from early 2013 you’ll be able to enjoy seamless connections to our long haul destinations from around the UK with the launch of our domestic flying programme. Just like that.

“This is the beginning of an exciting new era in Virgin Atlantic history... As we shook up the status-quo in long haul travel nearly 30 years ago, we’re now doing all we can to have the same decisive impact on the short haul market. Our aim is to bring our award-winning service, competitive prices and greater choice to the travelling public.”

Steve Ridgway CEO

We’re challenging the current monopoly on these routes with 24 new domestic flights a day between London Heathrow and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Manchester. Tickets can be booked online now.

We’ve worked hard to secure a schedule that maximises your connections and gives you early morning departures and arrivals, as well as driving down fares. And we’re doing it all with the same service, flair and experience you expect from us. No question about it.

We look forward to bringing you more updates on our exciting new services soon.

Virgin Atlantic plane