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Miles Plus Money

A benefit of Flying Club is that you can access exclusive reduced fares to great Virgin Atlantic destinations, by combining miles and money.

We've updated the discounts you will receive as a Flying Club member to make redeeming your miles even easier than before. 

Miles Plus Money Rates

Once you’ve earnt just 3,000 miles, you can combine your miles with money to get a great reduced fare. You need just:

  • 3,000 Flying Club miles for an Economy fare and get a HKD360 discount per ticket.
  • 7,500 Flying Club miles for a Premium Economy fare and get a HKD1,000 discount per ticket.
  • 15,000 Flying Club miles for an Upper Class fare and get a HKD2,400 discount per ticket.

Before you book a Miles Plus Money fare, make sure you check the Ideas & Low fares section (opens in a new window) of our website as we are regularly updating our lowest available fares.

All you have to do is decide when you want to go and the cabin you wish to travel in.

Just log in to your Flying Club account and we’ll tell you how many miles you’ve accumulated. Then, choose a flight date and search for 'Miles Plus Money' fares. It’s that easy.

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