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Pack your bags

Additional baggage

If you’d like to bring extra luggage over and above your free baggage allowance, you can pay to check in up to 10 extra bags per person.

Just head over to Online Check In if you'd like to buy additional baggage. Please remember that Online Check In opens 24 hours before your flight.

Excess baggage charges are as follows:

Current excess baggage charges

Wrapper table
Quantity Charges
1st extra bag GBP 65/USD 100
1st extra sports piece GBP 65/USD 100
2nd extra and subsequent bags GBP 140/USD 200
Overweight bags (23 - 32Kg)* GBP 65/USD100
Oversized bags* GBP 40/USD 60

For passengers departing India, an additional 4.944% tax will be payable on excess baggage charges.

*Oversized and overweight bags can only be purchased at the airport.

Previous excess baggage charges

Bookings made prior to 31 August 2016

Wrapper table
Quantity Charges
1 piece of sports equipment (in addition to baggage allowance) Free

Bookings made between
01 October 2015 - 28 June 2016

Wrapper table
Quantity Charges
1st extra bag GBP 60/USD 90
2nd extra and subsequent bags GBP 120/USD 170
Overweight bags (23-32Kg) GBP 65/USD 100
Oversized bags GBP 40/USD 60

Bookings made prior to 01 October 2015

Wrapper table
Quantity Online Check In
1st extra bag GBP 55/USD 85
2nd extra and subsequent bags GBP 120/USD 170
Overweight bags (23-32Kg) Not available
Oversized bags Not available

If your travel commenced prior to 11 February 2016

Wrapper table
Quantity Airport charges
Overweight bags (23-32Kg) GBP 40/USD 60

There are a few extra things to take note of if you’re planning on exceeding your standard baggage allowance:

  • Charges for additional luggage are payable each way.
  • The British Pound (GBP) charges quoted above apply to all departures from the UK. For US departures, the US Dollar (USD) charge will be applied. For departures elsewhere, the US Dollar charge will be converted into the local currency.
  • Any bags weighing over 32kg will not be accepted.
  • Sports Equipment - As part of your baggage allowance you can bring sports equipment onto your Virgin Atlantic flight at no extra cost. For any extra bags, you will be charged as per the table above. If it is overweight, you will accrue charges both for an extra bag and an overweight bag.
  • If a bag is overweight and also oversize, then both the charges shown above will apply.
  • Extra baggage cannot be purchased for infants.
  • You'll need to purchase your extra baggage at the airport if you have a connecting flight operated by a different airline.
  • Any excess baggage purchased is non-refundable and non-transferable

Want additional baggage?
You can purchase it now through Online Check In.

If you want to take more than 10 bags with you on your trip, you should contact our friends at Virgin Atlantic Cargo – they’ll be happy to help.

If your trip involves a transfer from another airline, they may also charge an extra baggage fee, if your checked in bags exceed their limit. More on extra baggage charges for non Virgin operated flights.

Midas Touch

Midas Touch

Gold Flying Club members get an extra bag (23kg) - in any cabin, on Virgin Atlantic operated flights.