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One Day

Exploring the Grand Canyon

One day I'll be an explorer

We’ve all got one.

That thing we said we’d do one day, but haven’t done yet…

On average we Brits spend 19 hours a week dreaming of what we would like to do “one day”. At Virgin Atlantic we’re encouraging you to stop just dreaming, and be inspired to turn those dreams and aspirations into reality.

We asked the British public what you'd give up to make your One Day happen...


Here’s what you told us -
One in four of the people we asked said they'd give up their job in order to embark on a trip of a lifetime. While one in ten per cent would give up most of their belongings to fulfil their adventures. Sound familiar?


Here are some of the most popular "One Day"s


'One Day I'll be fluent in a foreign language'


'One Day I will walk the Great Wall of China'


''One Day I'll go on a trip across the states in a Mustang''

Make your One Day a reality...

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