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Who says the sky's the limit?

Hey, where’s the video gone?

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Why shouldn’t the journey be as dazzling as the destination? In our world it is.

We see red where others see beige; we go for sassy over standard and pizzazz over plain. Everything we create is done to bring you ultimate comfort and style.

Our in-house design team work with top talent and innovators from interior, architecture and design worlds to turn our ideas into an award-winning reality. We’re redefining airline design one creation at a time. Want to see how?

"The thing about the airline industry is that you’re responsible for carrying people through their journey.  It’s about everything they touch. From the environment, to the service and even down to the glass in their hand. That’s a magnificent thing to be involved in and a real privilege. Designers are essentially creative problem solvers who ultimately craft the end to end experience of our customers".

Luke Miles, Head of Design.

Woman reclining in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seats

Best seats in the air, literally.

Threesixty Aerospace takes the seat as our award-winning partner, most recently redesigning our revolutionary new Upper Class suite, complete with a longer bed than any other airline’s business class. Lie back and enjoy the ride.

Virgin Atlantic JFK International Clubhouse

Understatedly uptown...

Unmistakably New York. There’s no doubt which city you’re in when you step into our JFK International Clubhouse. 

"All of our clubhouses have a sense of depth. We want people to enjoy and explore the space over time.  It’s all about understanding how our customers feel and satisfying their emotions at any given moment"

Luke Miles, Head of Design.

Virgin Atlantic in-flight bar

The longest bar in the sky

Welcome to our destination within a destination: our in-flight bar. A warm variety of social spaces that bring trends from the ground into the clouds. Working with VW+BS, this unique space allows us to create the likes of pop-up bars and the covert speakeasy. All aboard...

Glitterball at Heathrow Terminal 3

A warm welcome

In collaboration with Freestate, we created the Glitterball at Heathrow Terminal 3. This 4.3m suspended sculpture of 65 parallel golden rings responds to speed and movement, creating a dazzling moiré effect as our passengers arrive in the drop off zone. Just a little taste of things to come.

Virgin Atlantic JFK International Clubhouse

Hear it from the judges

Everybody loves it when hard work pays off. Our JFK Clubhouse created by our in-house design team in collaboration with Slade Architecture won a prestigious FX International Interior Design Award 2012. We'd be lying if we said we weren't proud.