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The 747 Refit

Hey, where’s the video gone?

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Say hello to Barbarella – brand spanking new from nose to tail

Even top models deserve a makeover from time to time, including our Boeing 747s. And we aren’t just talking about the 360 litres of high-sparkle paint you’ll see from the outside...

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy leather seats

Labour of love

We’ve dedicated 95,000 man-hours and £50 million to our fleet of seven 747s. That’s right; from nuts and bolts to galleys and seats every flying lady has been fitted with 32,000 new parts to turn your journey into an ultimate flying experience.

Little boy smiling in new Premium Economy seats

Thumbs up from Billy

Our leisure fleet carries three quarters of a million sun seekers, holidaymakers and family flyers to the USA, Caribbean and Mexico each year. So we invited Billy, our Air-prentice, to give Barbarella the full 360. Take a quick tour of the plane with him and see what has to say.

Take a tour of the plane with Billy

Virgin Atlantic 747 named 'Barbarella'

Our idea of va va voom!

On average, Barbarella is crewed by two pilots and 13 cabin crew, while she spends 16.5 hours of any given day with her nose in the clouds.

Passenger enjoying in-flight entertainment system

Glued to your seat

Kick back in one of Barbarella’s newly designed seats and prepare to be spoilt for choice. Choose from more than 300 hours of the latest movies, TV shows, music and games on your personal touch screen entertainment system. Yeah baby.