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Ghana story


Our new partner community in Ghana

For millions of children around the world, the opportunity to learn how to read and write just doesn’t exist and many are forced into child labour from as early as five years old. This year, our appeal with our charity partner Free the Children (opens in a new window) is all about helping children in Ghana get the best possible start in life.


Our goal is to raise £100,000 to build, furnish and provide school supplies for five classrooms so the children in our partner community of Asemkow can receive quality primary education. Asemkow is a small fishing village on the beach surrounded by a secluded forest and rocky outcrops. The people in the community live on less than £2 a day with less than 50% of children regularly attending school. Out of those who do attend school, less than 56% acquire successful passing grades.


Last month our Chief Commercial Officer Julie Southern visited Asemkow to meet the villagers we’ll be helping and to film the new Change for Children video with members of our crew and local team in Accra. Here’s what Julie had to say:


"Last month I was excited to go to Ghana to visit our new community Asemkow where through our staff fundraising efforts and Change for Children donations, Free the Children will provide Asemkow with quality education, clean water, improved healthcare and alternative income generation programmes. Having seen Free the Children in action in both Kenya and India I have been able to see that our funds have truly made a difference and been used in a very thoughtful and careful way. It is not about imposing our standards, our cultures, our beliefs and our expectations on a group of people less fortunate than us. It is about enabling them to improve their lives to make a really sustainable change whilst staying in the community that they want to be in.”


For more information about our many community investment activities, take a look at our latest Change is in the Air Sustainability Report here (opens in a new window).