Tier points explained

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It's easier than you think to achieve Flying Club Silver or Gold membership.

  • Earn 15 Tier points in a rolling 12-13 months and you will reach Silver.
  • Earn 40 Tier points in a rolling 12-13 months and you will reach Gold.

Find out how you can earn tier points with Virgin Atlantic and our partner airlines.

Why calculate tier points in 12-13 months?

Tier points are calculated in a rolling 12-13 months because you could find that you are upgraded to Silver or Gold at the beginning or the end of any particular month.

Your tier points are calculated from the current date of the month to the first day of the same month a year previous. Your account will be automatically upgraded once you have achieved the required tier points for either Silver or Gold membership.

Confused? Let's look at some examples:

  • If todays date is 30 April 2013 and you upgraded on that day to Silver or Gold, we would calculate the tier points you earned between 1 April 2012 to 30 April 2013 - a full 13 months.
  • If you achieved Silver or Gold membership on 1 April 2013, your tier points would be calculated between 1 April 2012 to 1 April 2013 - a full 12 months and a day.

When do tier points expire?

When considering tier upgrades, tier points are valid for a full 12-13 months. But the great news is that your tier points used to fly up through the tiers don't reset when you achieve Flying Club Silver, so if you're quick enough, some of those same tier points could get you all the way to Gold membership!

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