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Your Questions Answered

Flying Co Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to our most common questions below, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for then Contact our Flying Co helpline where a member of the dedicated team will be happy to help.

What is Flying Co?

Flying Co is Virgin Atlantic's corporate loyalty programme which offers rewards for both your company and for your employees.

Each time a traveller from your company takes a qualifying flight with Virgin Atlantic or Delta they earn miles twice over.

In order for your company to earn Flying Co miles each company traveller must be a member of Flying Club. Please note, company travellers will need to activate their Flying Club account online in order to redeem their Flying Club miles.

Virgin Atlantic currently has Flying Co programmes in the UK, USA, South Africa and Caribbean.

Joining Flying Co

A company can join Flying Co by enrolling online. Please note, to join Flying Co there must be at least two active company travellers travelling in a Flying Co qualifying booking class (J, C, D, I, Z, W, S, K, H, Y, B, R, L, U, M, Q, E, X, N or O).

Once a company has joined Flying Co their contract will run for a 12 month period. Please refer to the Account renewal and expiry section for further details.

Your company should nominate a Flying Co Administrator to handle communications and make reward bookings. Your company should also nominate a Secondary Contact who will have access to, and control over, the Flying Co account in the absence of the Flying Co Administrator.


Can a company enrol into Flying Co at the airport?

No, a company can only enrol online.

My company has offices worldwide. Which programme should we join?

All Flying Club members who are participating in the Flying Co programme must be based in the country where their Flying Co account is held. Therefore, each office will need to join the Flying Co programme in their country. For details of the Flying Co programme operating in the following regions please call the numbers below:

UK 0344 412 2415
USA 1 800 998 8320
South Africa 011-340 3535
Caribbean 1 800 744 7477

Earning Flying Co miles

In order to ensure that your travellers earn Flying Co miles for the company as well as Flying Club miles for their personal account, the Flying Club membership number of each traveller needs to be linked to the Flying Co account.

Can our company travellers receive Flying Co miles for flights prior to the company's enrolment in the Flying Co programme?

No, Flying Co miles can only be earned once the company has enrolled in the programme and for subsequent flights thereafter.

Are Flying Co miles awarded for travel in all booking classes?

Flying Co miles can be earned on flights booked in the following booking classes:

Virgin Atlantic

Wrapper table
Cabin Flying Co earning class
Economy Y, B, R, L, U, M, Q, E, X, N, O
Premium Economy W, S, K, H
Upper Class J, C, D, I, Z

Delta Air Lines

Wrapper table
Cabin Flying Co earning class
Heavily Discounted Main Cabin X, V, E
Discounted Main Cabin L, U, T
Main Cabin Y, B, M, S, H, Q, K
Discounted Delta One D, I, Z
Delta One J, C
Discounted First Class A, G
First Class F, P

Please check at time of booking that you are purchasing a ticket in a qualifying booking class.

Spending Flying Co miles

Can anyone redeem the Flying Co miles that the company has earned?

Rewards can be used by any company employee. However, only the Flying Co Administrator and Secondary Contact can book rewards using the company's Flying Co miles. To check your company's balance online you will need to log in to your Flying Co online account and click on 'Manage Your Account'.

How do I redeem Flying Co miles for rewards?

All Virgin Atlantic reward flight redemptions can be made online or by telephone. In order to use the online facility you will need to log in to your Flying Co online account. Once the booking has been made a confirmation email will be sent to the Flying Co Administrator, the Secondary Contact and the traveller.

To redeem miles for upgrades and other rewards, please call the Flying Co helpline on 0344 412 2415. Please allow a minimum of five working days for your reward to be processed.

Are members of the Flying Co and Flying Club loyalty programmes able to combine the miles they have earned for a choice of rewards?

No, Flying Club miles and Flying Co miles are separate from one another and cannot be combined. Flying Club members can only redeem Flying Club miles for Flying Club rewards, and Flying Co members can only redeem Flying Co miles for Flying Co rewards.

Can changes be made to reward flights once booked?

Once tickets are issued the flight and class of service can be changed at a charge of GBP 30 and any additional miles (subject to availability). Name changes are not permitted. Please refer to the Flying Co Terms & Conditions for further details.

Claiming missing Flying Co miles

Can Flying Co miles be credited after the date of travel

Yes, Flying Co miles can be claimed retrospectively up to six months from the date of travel (the company traveller must have been a Flying Club member linked to your Flying Co account at the time of the travel).

Flying Co miles may primarily not appear on your statement for the following reasons:

  • The company traveller's Flying Club membership number was not quoted at the time of making the reservation or at check in. In which case, neither Flying Club nor Flying Co miles will have been credited for qualifying travel.
  • The company traveller's Flying Club account may not have been linked to your Flying Co account, therefore you will not be able to claim missing miles. For all future travel please ensure that the company traveller is linked.
  • Travel has not been completed on a Virgin Atlantic flight in a qualifying booking class.

If you don't think any of the above apply, to claim missing miles fill in the claiming missing miles form and either email it back to us, or send it to the address at the bottom of the form with original copies of your boarding pass and tickets or receipts.

Please note: You will need to be logged in to your online Flying Co account in order to access the claim missing miles form.


Managing your account

What are the benefits of having a Flying Co account online?

An account online gives you complete control over it. You can view and amend your company and account details, modify your username and password, add and delete Flying Club members, as well as view your statement and redeem your Flying Co miles for Virgin Atlantic flights.

How frequently are Flying Co miles credited to the company's account?

Once a qualifying flight has been taken, please allow seven days for miles to be credited. The Flying Co Administrator and Secondary Contact are able to access the company's statement online, which will be updated automatically and will show all transactions within the last month, with the option to view activity over the last three months.

To access your statement online you will need to log in to your online account and click on 'Manage Your Account'.

How do I add an existing or new Flying Club member's details or delete a Flying Club member's details?

You will need to be logged in to your online account before you are able to update your account details.

You will need to have the travellers Flying Club membership number.

Add a Flying Club member to your account

I have created a Flying Co account online but can't remember what my password details are. How can I retrieve them?

Retrieve forgotten login details here, where you'll be asked to answer some security questions to confirm who you are.

Please note: The email confirming the login details will only be sent to the Flying Co Administrator and the Secondary Contact.

Do Flying Co miles expire?

If your company maintains its membership in Flying Co, miles will not expire. Please see the Flying Co Terms & Conditions for further information.

Account renewal and expiry

When will my Flying Co membership expire?

Your Flying Co membership contract period runs for 12 months and will run to the end of the calendar month the following year, irrespective of the day you joined. For example, if you joined Flying Co on 16 March 2015 your Flying Co account will expire on 31 March 2016.