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Access the Gateway to the West with St Louis Flights

Affordable flights to St Louis lead you to the historic destination that borders East and West. Notable for its location on Route 66 and the Mississippi River, St Louis is marked by the iconic Gateway Arch. The colossal feat of stainless steel soars above the skyscrapers as the world’s tallest arch. Climb to the top for a vertigo-inducing 630m lookout, from where you can see the stolid meandering expanse of the Mississippi down below. Don’t miss what’s hidden beneath the arch either - the subterranean Museum of Westward Expansion chronicles the famous expedition of Lewis and Clark across America. 

Other highlights you’ll spot from the top include the decadent beaux-arts palace that houses the St Louis Art Museum – originally built for the 1904 World’s Fair – which hosts a diverse, comprehensive collection of modern and native art from around the world. Art and architecture aside, St Louis is renowned for its downtown live music scene, specialising in blues, jazz, and rock. It’s also a popular hub for watching competitive sports, and (perhaps related) has a number of microbreweries and brewpubs to be explored. The Gateway to the West is more than just a thoroughfare with St Louis Flights.

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