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Jump onboard the hipster bandwagon with Oregon flights

Affordable flights to Oregon will introduce you to a state of nature loving, local vegan hotspots. The biggest culprit is undoubtedly Portland, where alternative, artistic communities and gluten-free dining are making big waves. Whatever the sceptics might say, Portland has a burgeoning cluster of positive enterprises: from cooperatives and community-led projects, microbreweries and independent coffee houses, to repurposed warehouses and hip music venues. Just one look at the various goings-on of the trendy Alberta Arts District will prove it. 

Beyond the progressiveness of Portland, Oregon is endowed with a stunning natural landscape of deserts, mountains, rocks and rivers. Mount Hood looms enigmatically on the skyline, its colossal snow-capped peak piercing the sky. This deadly stratovolcano hosts Oregon’s best ski resort in the winter, and in the summer you can trek the winding trails of Salmon River. On the coast, visit the unspoiled beaches of Cape Kiwanda and Canon Beach, where otherworldly rock formations project from the sea. Don’t miss the natural highlights of the Painted Hills, banded with stripes of yellow, gold, black and red, or Crater Lake, the deepest in America. From its raw natural beauty to its raw vegan cuisine, everything’s organic with Oregon flights

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