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Tokyo city at dusk

Tokyo can be something of a culture shock to first-time visitors. We say get involved!

We're proud to partner with All Nippon Airways to bring you to the unparalleled city of Tokyo, where you'll find all manner of things to do.  Sure, there’s all the sushi you can handle and a chance to let loose in the planet’s finest karaoke bars, but there’s plenty of history and culture on show too. Although for many visitors it’s the future that makes a flight to Tokyo a must do.

The skyscrapers of Shinjuku will really impress you, while the dazzling neon of the Akihibara district lights up thousands of gadgets that make the West look like it’s still in the Stone Age. Either way, from the frantic bustle of Shibuya to the calm of a long soak in an onsen, Tokyo’s got the lot.

Flights to Tokyo are operated by our partners All Nippon Airways.

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More Tokyo attractions

Sumo wrestling

See the sumo

Flying to Tokyo from London for the first time? Don’t miss the sumo wrestling. This sport is steeped in history and ritual, and seeing it first-hand is always an unforgettable occasion.

Bullet trains at station

Tokyo day trips

Hop on a bullet train if you’ve time to spare, they’re a marvel in themselves! There’s a wide range of intriguing locations within a couple of hours of Tokyo.

Neon nights

A combination of hi-tech lighting and neon everywhere you look, plus a famously low crime rate, means you’ll feel perfectly safe enjoying a late night stroll.

Marvel at Roppongi Hills

The regeneration of the Roppongi district houses everything from museums to offices, not to mention a lively nightclub scene. If you’re interested in architecture it’s an absolute must see.

The home of sushi

Foodies will be thrilled by the sushi in Tokyo. If you don’t mind an early start, the Tsukiji Central Fish Market is the place to see Japan’s seafood addiction close-up.

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