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Flights to India

Marvellous India

Marvellous India

No matter where you travel in India you're sure to discover that this is a vibrant, fascinating, architectural country like no other.

Our cheap flights to India will bring you to some of the best beaches in the world - in sun-soaked Goa located in the west of the country, or the stunning picturesque beaches in Kerala in the south.

There's a wealth of vastly different, yet equally enthralling experience's to enjoy from the various different festivals celebrated throughout the year. Like the Diwali festival which honours the victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness.

The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most beautifully kept architectural tombs. Offering magnificent architecture, unique views and is just simply an amazing place to visit.

Explore the wonderful sparkling lakes and palaces of Udaipur in west India. Watch and become immersed in traditional Indian dancing in Kochi or buy brilliantly coloured silk saris and an abundant amount of those fabulous spices. We all love to use in Varanasi in the north east of the country.

Take this Indian adventure to new levels and visit the various markets and street stalls, or go to the fabulous world renowned restaurants in Mumbai and Delhi.

Our Indian destinations:

Lodi Gardens, Delhi


Be sure to head to Lodi Gardens in Delhi and get away from the hustle and bustle of life in India. Enjoy this magnificent garden which encaptures what this country is all about today; stunning architecture, beautiful scenery and mouth watering, tantalising food.

Gateway of India monument


Take our India flights to Mumbai and if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of a big cat. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park lies on the outskirts of the city and is your perfect opportunity to try and spot one of these elusive animals. If you prefer, experience Indian culture at Bluefrog, a concert space in the heart of the city.

More things to do in India

Shrine to Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi's home

Take one of our flights to India and visit Gandhi's home in Ahmedabad, in the west of the country. You'll feel the simplicity and peaceful calming effect, from just being in the house sweep over you. Such a powerful and historical place to visit. Also go to the museum to really get a feel for the struggle India went through to become an independent country.



Shopping stall, Chappan Chowk market

Shopping spree

Be sure to catch up on all your shopping needs in Chappan Chowk market, in the central west of India. You'll find all kinds of stalls selling various items like the latest Indian clothes, household goods, miniature Taj Mahal statues, a variety of sweets and possibly some of the best Indian food around.

Tiger, Vandular Zoo

Fearsome tigers

While in east India, you must visit Arignar Anna Zoological park, also known as "Vandalur Zoo" in Chennai. You'll marvel at various different animals in the park from tigers, peacocks, leopards, lions and crocodiles. You're sure to capture some memorable pictures and experience the wildlife in India.

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