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Flight disruptions

Rebooking options

Advice for passengers on cancelled flights

Advice for passengers on cancelled flights
If your flight was cancelled contact your travel agent or travel provider to rebook on the next available flight.

Contact Information

If you booked through a travel agent, travel organiser or tour operator please contact them to rebook on the next available flight.

For direct bookings made via the Virgin Atlantic website or contact centre only; call our flight disruption line on: + 44 (0) 344 209 8711 in the UK, or 1-800-862-8621 in the USA.

Virgin Holidays customers in the UK should contact them directly during normal office hours on + 44 (0) 1293 496883.

It is our intention to carry passengers from cancelled flights to their destination, at the earliest opportunity. Space however may be limited and therefore the following alternative options are also available to passengers:

Refund of unused flights, if travel has not commenced.

All refunds will be credited to the original form of payment. Passengers requiring a refund should go back to the point of sale.


Re-book to a later date.

Take a Virgin Atlantic flight to your destination at a later date convenient to you, subject to availability of seats in the same ticket class.


Re-book on a Virgin Atlantic flight to/from another destination.

Subject to availability in the same ticket class, any additional fare or seasonal supplements will be collected.

  • Passengers on through tickets involving other carriers must notify us before travel commences. Passengers with connecting flights issued on separate tickets must make their own arrangements with the other carrier including the payment of any additional costs and amendment fees.
  • Passengers on package holidays must refer to their tour operators who may not operate the same policy. Passengers should also be aware that any applicable refund would only relate to the airfare portion of the inclusive package and not the whole cost of the holiday.

Read more about our Flight Disruption Policy

Contact Numbers for rebooking

If you booked through a travel agent, travel organiser or tour operator please contact them to rebook on the next available flight.

For direct bookings only call our flight disruption line on
+ 44 (0) 844 209 8711 in the UK
1-800-862-8621 in the USA.

Virgin Holidays customers in the UK should contact them directly during normal office hours on + 44 (0) 1293 496883

Virgin Holidays customers already on holiday should make immediate contact with their nearest Virgin Holidays representative.

As you would expect our telephone lines are busy and we have long call waiting times for which we apologise. If you don’t need to call us straight away please wait until call holding times reduce. If you are calling from outside the UK please remember that mobile roaming charges are usually more costly and therefore consider using a landline to a local number instead.

View telephone details of our other worldwide contact centres.

Ticket refunds and other information

Do you need a letter for your insurance company confirming your flight was cancelled?

If you require a letter please email (opens in a new window), with the following details:

  • Your booking reference number (It will be a 6 character with a mixture of numbers and letters e.g. BJVC1X)
  • Your original date of departure along with your actual date of departure
  • Your original flight number along and your actual flight number
  • Your current postal address

We will then send the letter to your postal address as soon as we can.

Ticket refunds

If your flight was cancelled and you wish to claim a refund of the unused part or parts, please view our refunds process.

If you purchased your ticket from a travel agent, you should apply to that agent for your refund.

Otherwise, if you have a paper ticket, please cancel your booking and provide us with a brief explanation of your refund request and return your unused paper ticket(s) to Virgin Atlantic Airways.
Virgin Atlantic Airways,
UK Refunds,
PO Box 340,

Fax: 01293 444456
Email: (opens in a new window)
Opening hours: 09.00 - 12.00, Monday to Thursday.

Please note - send us all relevant supporting documentation to avoid any delay.

Claiming back hotel and meal costs

The EU regulation 261/2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights requires us to offer affected passengers on cancelled flights or flights that have been delayed overnight , and do not chose to cancel their booking and receive a refund, he following care package.

  • Meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time


  • 2 short telephone calls, or telex, or fax, or e-mail messages.


  • Hotel accommodation if the delay goes into the following day


  • Transport to and from the hotel.

This care package is offered to passengers who are away from their usual residence/home and is usually arranged by our airport staff however, if your flight was cancelled or delayed overnight before you started to make your way to the airport, you may make a claim for reimbursement of the reasonable costs of hotel accommodation and meals for the number of days you were delayed between the original scheduled departure, up until the next available flight we offered, as well as transport to and from the airport and two communications defined above.

We respectfully remind all passengers that we will not reimburse accommodation or meal costs if you declined to travel on the first available flight we offered you.

Our assessment of 'reasonable' is based upon the following principles:

Hotel accommodation - Is based on a minimum of two people sharing one room in a 'no-frills' /express type hotel (with the exception of passengers travelling alone on a single reservation).

Meals and refreshments - Include breakfast (if it has not been included in hotel offering) followed by one snack and one main meal per person per day, plus approximately six regular soft drinks or beverages per person per day.

Transport between the airport and hotel - Using public transport

Two short telephone calls - No longer than 10 minutes each using the most economic means available. Please remember that mobile roaming charges are usually more costly, consider using a landline instead.

How to make a claim

As soon as you have returned home and have had the chance to gather all your paperwork and receipts, please email attaching scanned copies of your receipts (preferably in a .pdf format).


Please send a letter and copies of your receipts to:

Virgin Atlantic
EU Care
PO Box 747

All claims for reimbursement should be submitted no later than 3 months after your return flight date.

We require the following details to be sent to the addresses above:

  • a list of the passengers and booking references being claimed for
  • a summary listing all your expenses
  • all itemised receipts
  • contact details of the lead passenger to whom reimbursement should be paid.

    We are unable to reimburse any of the following:
  • Un-receipted expenses
  • Top range and/or luxury hotels and/or restaurant/eateries
  • Payments to friends/relatives offering bed and board
  • Alcohol
  • Room service
  • Entertainment
  • Replacement flights on other airlines
  • Any other purchases not related to meal and accommodation requirements

EU Financial compensation

In certain circumstances the EU regulation requires airlines to pay financial compensation to customers if their flight is cancelled within 14 days of departure or delayed more than 3 hours. However this requirement does not apply if the cause of the delay or cancellation was due to “extraordinary circumstances” which include weather conditions and the closure of airports.

Flight cancellations and delays due to the recent disruption qualify as “extraordinary circumstances” and therefore we will not be issuing financial compensation to customers on cancelled or delayed flights, other than reimbursement of reasonable costs of accommodation, meals, transport to and from the airport and two short calls or e mails as detailed above.