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Hong Kong Clubhouse

Hong Kong Clubhouse

An oasis of serenity - our calming Clubhouse is a world away from the frantic pace of Hong Kong.

Our Clubhouse is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life. We are proud that Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers get the very best service in the airport.

The Clubhouse is positioned on the upper level of the Terminal, it's split into two distinct areas, an open balcony and an interior cabin space.

The balcony environment reflects one of the most precious commodities in Hong Kong - a garden - with calming green tones and a perfectly manicured English hedgerow which will allow passengers to relax while watching the busy daily routine of an international airport.

The centrepiece of the lounge is the bar positioned within the enclosed area. A contrast to the balcony, the bar area is comforting and intimate with warm glowing tones, the combination of using local material detailed with a contemporary twist reinforces the regional theme. Within the cabin there is a range of seating to suit any mood from dining chairs to relaxing sofas plus a TV, games and internet browsing area.

The business facility boasts a full range of office equipment including PCs, email and Internet, a photocopier, free fax and phone facilities, complimentary WiFi and a wide range of business amenities. It is conveniently located close to reception.

The Clubhouse opens 3 hours before the first flight departure and closes at 23:00 local time.

Clubhouse menu


The Clubhouse menu offers a wide range of complimentary, freshly prepared mouth watering meals ranging from Clubhouse breakfast, nibbles and light snacks to full main dishes.

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