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Breeze through London Heathrow

Welcome to the Upper Class Wing


Our Upper Class Wing is a very special way to get your journey from London Heathrow T3 off to an exceptional start. If you’re arriving in your chauffeur car and have advised us of your APIS data our team will greet you, swiftly handle your baggage and give you your printed boarding pass. If you’re arriving in your own private car or taxi, it’s a good idea to call ahead to pre-arrange your arrival.

You'll then whizz through our very own Private Security Channel, beating the queues. Seamless, stress free and calm, you can go from your car to the Clubhouse within ten minutes. Where you can catch up on work or relax before your flight.

Who can use the Upper Class Wing

Who can use the Upper Class Wing

Flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class or Delta One™ from London Heathrow T3? If you're flying on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft, you can check in at the Upper Class Wing no later than 50 minutes before your flight. If you're flying on a Delta aircraft, it's no later than 60 minutes before.

Make departures a dream

Make departures a dream

Whether you're off on a work trip or a long awaited holiday, our Upper Class Wing team is ready to welcome you on the first step of your Upper Class journey. In a busy airport hub like Heathrow, the wing is a serene, welcoming space from where you're gently but swiftly guided to the Clubhouse: another serene, welcoming space.


To arrange your arrival at the Upper Class Wing:

  • If you're a Virgin Atlantic customer, call our Upper Class Team on 0344 412 4666 (UK) or +441293493600 (international), daily 6.30am-7.30pm
  • If you're a Delta customer, call 0808 145 3742 (UK) or 1 800 985 8706 (international)

Arriving by Virgin Atlantic chauffeur car

If you're flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class and have a J, C, D or I booking class ticket, we'll invite you to use our chauffeur car service, taking you from your home or office to the airport in absolute comfort.

Just book your car through our Virgin Atlantic webiste via the web link in 'Manage My Booking' or call our Upper Class team on 0344 742 4385 (UK) or +441293493600 (international), This can be done 330 days in advance and up to 12 hours prior to pick up. 

You can find out more on the Upper Class Transfer page

Arriving by your own private car or taxi

If you're flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, or you're flying Delta One, we'll invite you to take advantage of the Upper Class Wing by arriving in your own private car or taxi. Here's how:

Call ahead for a fast, personalised experience. We want you to enjoy the best of the Upper Class Wing. So it's a good idea to pre-arrange your arrival:

  1. Call our Upper Class team on 0344 412 4666 if you're a Virgin Atlantic customer or 0808 145 3742 if you're a Delta customer. You can do this between one month and up to two hours before your flight. If you've already checked in online, great. If not, please have your passport to hand so you can check in over the phone.
  2. You'll need to give the team the full passenger information, flight, checked baggage, vehicle and arrival details of everyone in your party. So please leave plenty of time to give the team the info they need, especially if there's a few of you travelling together.
  3. When you arrive at London Heathrow, ask your driver to turn left before the usual T3 drop off location, following the 'Virgin Upper Class Wing' sign.
  4. At the top of the ramp, ask your driver to park in one of the bays.
  5. A member of our team will meet you with your boarding cards and bag tags, ready to finish check in. And then you can whizz through our Private Security Channel, straight to the Clubhouse.

If you haven’t called ahead

If you haven’t been able to pre-arrange your arrival, you’re still welcome to enjoy the Upper Class Wing. However, the experience may be slightly less streamlined because we won’t have your details or documents ready yet.

If you arrive at the Upper Class Wing in your own private car or taxi, please note:

  • Please arrive at the Upper Class Wing at least 50 minutes prior to departure (60 minutes for Delta customers).
  • The wing is for drop off only. There's no parking.
  • Maximum vehicle height is 4.4 metres, weight is 7.5 tonnes and length is 5.8 metres.
  • We can't accept stretched chauffeur cars or oversized vehicles like Humvees.

Other ways to access the Upper Class Wing


Avoid the Monday-Friday London traffic and book a speedy motorcycle transfer through the Upper Class team on 0344 412 4666 (UK) or +441293493600 (international). Full protective and wet weather clothing is provided. The protective helmet lets you speak to the driver and make phone calls. Your limobike will take you straight to the Upper Class Wing, where our team will take care of the rest.

As a Flying Club Gold member

If you're a Flying Club Gold member you and a guest can enjoy the Private Security Channel, within the Upper Class Wing, even if you're flying Premium Economy or Economy. Just enter your membership number when you book.

If your membership number doesn't appear in your booking, or if you're travelling on a reward flight, just go to the Upper Class Check In desk in Zone A at T3, with your membership card and the team will give you access to our Private Security Channel.

Find out more about Flying Club.

Arriving by public transport

If you're arriving at Heathrow via public transport, including mainline train, tube or the Heathrow Express, you can still enjoy a fast transfer through the Private Security Channel within the Upper Class Wing. You'll check in at Zone A main T3 area, then head up via the lift, using your boarding pass to access the Upper Class Wing at the top.

The Heathrow Express and Gatwick Express service

If you’re travelling in Upper Class on a J, C, D and I ticket, you can, if you prefer, choose this complimentary option rather than our chauffeur car. Just call the Upper Class team to arrange it and they’ll send you an e-ticket.