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What's on TV

What's on TV

We’ve got a great selection of the best TV from around the world to help you enjoy your flight.

Missed a show everyone’s talking about? Chances are you’ll find it amongst our wide range of content. Take a look at what’s available during October.


Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters
The comedy returns, going behind the scenes at the broadcaster's daytime chat show on North Norfolk Digital Radio. Simultaneously broadcasting on webcam, Alan chats to listeners as well as discussing his view on the big issues of the day with his sycophantic sidekick, Simon.

Almost Royal
In this opening episode of series two, ‘Beauty’, Georgie and Poppy visit a school to learn to execute the perfect blow-dry, judge a beautiful baby competition and selflessly contribute to world peace by taking part in a beauty pageant.

Big Bang Theory
Leonard’s mum Beverley reveals her hurt at not being invited to the wedding so Leonard and Penny decide to stage another one in her honour. Elsewhere, Sheldon hires Stuart to go shopping with Amy for him.

From the makers of Family Guy comes this new animated sitcom revolving around border agent Bud and his next-door neighbour Ernesto Gonzalez, an ambitious immigrant and family man, who is thrilled to be living in the USA.

In episode one, we find Robin not so much under the thumb of his wife Fiona as crushed beneath her boot. No doubt about it, the camping trip she’s organized for his 50th will be a nightmare from start to finish.


In this opening episode of the acclaimed new comedy, Fleabag, (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) recounts her day, beginning with a highly unsatisfactory one-night stand followed by arguing with her sister and ending with another unsatisfactory one-night stand. Can you see a theme developing?

It’s Marnie and Desi’s wedding day and rain isn’t the only thing threatening to spoil the big occasion. The participants are getting cold feet. As Desi experiences second thoughts, Hannah discovers that it’s his eighth engagement and must decide whether or not to tell Marnie.

The Goldbergs
The final episode of season two finds Beverly and Murray having a hard time saying farewell to Erica as she prepares to leave for a summer arts program. Meanwhile, Beverly insists that Erica tell her father that she loves him.

Hoff the Record
David’s got a new album out, so a death hoax involving a watersports accident does sales a world of good. However, our hapless hero struggles to stay deceased while Danny plans a search-and-rescue mission.

House of Lies

In this opening episode of season five, ‘Creative Destruction Phenomenon’, Marty, Doug, and Clyde consult for their old pal Jeannie, who along with Marty has parenting issues. Meantime, Doug and Clyde fight for Jeannie's former office.

The Keith Lemon Sketch Show
As acid-tongued as his name suggests, Keith Lemon spoofs the world of TV, film and celebrity. Expect to see a whole host of famous faces being sent up, including One Direction, Kim Kardashian and Holly Willoughby.

Live at the Apollo
Russell Kane is our host, with Roisin Conaty and Nick Helm his guests in a typically uproarious and characteristically near-the-knuckle edition of the stand-up comedy showcase.

Modern Family
In this seventh-season opener, Alex (Ariel Winter) finds herself an interesting new boyfriend and does not want to break up with him when the time comes. Meanwhile, Mitchell gets laid off and begins to paint, which freaks out Cameron so much he tries to find Mitchell a job.

In ‘Cinderella And A Drunk MacGyver’ Jill hopes that bygones will be bygones and invites Bonnie to a charity gala that was once a yearly highlight. When they arrive, however, it’s to discover that the guests are not so quick to forget Jill's past alcohol-induced behaviour.

New Girl
In the opening episode of season five, ‘Big Mama P’, Jess plans an elaborate engagement party for Schmidt and Cece, intending to surprise Cece with a visit from her mother. Good idea? Maybe not…

Silicon Valley
After the ignominy of being demoted by his own company, Richard threatens to quit Pied Piper and sue to regain his intellectual property. However, at the same time he’s being wooed by another blue-chip firm, Flutterbeam. Decisions, decisions…

Brett, Michelle, Tina, and Larry go to New Orleans to visit Alex for his birthday on the set of a movie. Tina, along with Michelle, shop for a birthday present for Alex, and Tina wants it to be something meaningful. But when it comes to giving her gift she has a change of heart.


This opener to season five picks up at the nail-biting conclusion of season four, with Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) fighting for her presidency in ‘the closest election in living memory’. Very funny, and with a tremendous supporting cast, this is TV comedy at its best.

Very British Problems
We’re a funny lot, us Brits. Based on a Twitter account, Very British Problems asks the great and the good of our small island for their views on some of our peculiar idiosyncrasies: queuing, tea, small talk about the weather…

You're The Worst
In this opening episode, Jimmy and Gretchen meet at a wedding, just as Jimmy is being ejected for offensive behaviour and Gretchen’s trying to pinch a blender. Before too long they’re out of their clothes and into each other’s lives.

Documentaries and factual

A Girl in the River
Oscar-winning documentary telling the story of 18-year-old Pakistani woman, Saba, the victim of an attempted ‘honour killing’, who was shot in the head and thrown in a river for marrying the ‘wrong’ man. Miraculously she survived and promptly sought justice – only to give in to public pressure and publicly forgive her attackers.

Addicts' Symphony
Channel Four special in which composer, musician and recovering alcoholic James McConnel invites ten classical musicians whose lives have been blighted by addiction to compose and perform a spectacular one-off piece with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur
David Attenborough is back in this major BBC series. In this episode he tells the story of the discovery and reconstruction of the world's largest-known dinosaur, a brand new species of titanosaur that weighed a massive 70 tons and was longer than four London buses in a row.

Your user-friendly guide to the latest technology news, issues, gadgets and apps. In this episode the show visits the 3D print show in London to find out if the technology is finally ready to go mainstream.

Dark Horse
Feelgood documentary about South Wales barmaid Jan Vokes, who cajoled regulars into funding a racehorse. Against all odds Dream Alliance took the racing world by storm until tragedy struck – and both syndicate and horse had an even bigger challenge to face.

Everything is Copy
Feature-length documentary offering a fascinating insight into a life of Nora Ephron, the screenwriter/director behind Heartburn, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless In Seattle. Offering their take are the likes of Tom Hanks, and of course Meg ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ Ryan.

Grayson Perry: All Man
In this opening episode of his new documentary series, artist Grayson Perry plunges into the world of cage-fighting in north-east England, examining the struggles many men experience living up to masculine ideals, then using his experience to create a unique artwork.

Ever wondered how meditation could help you? Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app founded by world-renowned meditation expert Andy Puddicombe. Improve your anxiety, sleep, productivity and relationships with just ten minutes a day.

Heart of a Dog
From avant-garde singer-songwriter Laurie Anderson comes this meditation on the death of her beloved rat terrier Lolabelle (and, by extension, her husband Lou Reed, who died in 2013). Weaving anecdotal footage with visual flights of fancy, it’s deeply personal and very funny.

Hitler's Olympics

To mark 80 years since the start of the Berlin Olympics on August 1 1936, this compelling and frightening documentary explores an extraordinary moment in the history of the Olympics and the power of the Nazi Party.

Homme Less
Though Mark Reay is outwardly successful – a handsome, charismatic and well-dressed male model – he is also homeless. Director Wirthensohn decided to document his friend’s existence and what emerges is a portrait of a man leading a true double life. Eye-opening, uplifting and ultimately inspiring, this is not to be missed.

How To Win The US Presidency
So you’ve decided you want to be US president? We applaud your ambition. But before you spend the next ten years winning hearts and minds, watch this – everything you need to know to become the world’s most powerful leader is here.

The Last Man on the Moon
Just 12 men have walked on the moon – and the last one to do so, in 1972, is the subject of this astounding feature-length documentary. Now in his 80s, Gene Cernan is an engaging subject, holding forth on that last moonwalk as well as other lunar missions he flew.

Life and Death Row
It’s execution day in this hard-hitting BBC series, and victim Nikki Daniels reflects on her kidnapping ordeal by murderer Richard Cobb, while the mother of inmate Anthony Haynes uses the final hours to fight to halt her son's execution for the murder of a police officer.

Louis Theroux: Drinking to Oblivion
Hard-hitting documentary in which Theroux goes beyond the usual larky, good-times attitude we have to booze, visiting King's College Hospital to meet patients in the grip of alcohol addiction – some of whom are boozing to the point of mindless self-destruction.

National Enquirer Investigates
From the home of celebrity scandal, The National Enquirer magazine, comes this documentary revealing new evidence that could show Marilyn Monroe’s death was the result of a murder plot, as well as proposing possible culprits.

Panda Babies
TV vet Steve Leonard travels to a panda nursery in China and turns the cameras on the baby pandas and their nurturing mothers. Job done. This is a cavalcade of cuteness not seen since YouTube started showing cute kitten videos.

Pompeii's New Secret's Revealed with Mary Beard
Historian Mary Beard joins forces with cutting-edge technology to shed new light on the secrets of the victims of the 79 AD eruption. Mary unpacks the human stories behind the tragic figures – the gladiators, slaves, businesswomen and children of Pompeii.

Set to music from Damon Albarn, and sure to give you goosebumps, this remarkable BBC documentary profiles the modern day endurance-swimming community and the unlikeliest of athletes who risk it all on punishing cross-channel swims. Brr!

The Queen At 90
Feature-length documentary offering a candid glimpse into the life of England’s longest-reigning monarch. Among the things you’ll learn are that Prince George calls the Queen, his great-grandmother, ‘Gan-Gan’, and that she has a cushion with the slogan, ‘It’s good to be Queen’.

Rise of the Superstar Vloggers
As YouTube celebrates its tenth birthday, vloggers such as Zoella and Joe Sugg sell out stadiums to rabid fanbases. Jim Chapman, himself a superstar vlogger, takes us behind the scenes of the biggest vloggers on the planet.

VICE Special Report: Fixing the System
Last July, Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. He invited culture magazine VICE along to film the historic event for this documentary, which also takes an in-depth look at America’s complex criminal justice system.

Feature-length documentary covering the New York mayoral campaign of disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner. All is going well until a fresh scandal emerges, and Weiner and his long-suffering wife find themselves at the centre of yet another media firestorm.


In this feature-length opener, Jake (James Franco) is persuaded to use a portal and travel back to 1963 in order to prevent the killing of JFK. However, he soon finds he likes his new life in the 1960s.

Animal Kingdom

Pity poor ‘J’. In this opening episode of the new drama series he loses his mother to an overdose, and so goes to live with his grandmother, Smurf. At first he admires his new family’s freewheeling ways. But then things take a darker turn…


Convinced to appear on a talk show, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) ends up facing off with an old adversary, which puts his company and reputation in jeopardy. Meanwhile, a reformed Ricky gets bad news in advance of his 30th birthday party.

This pilot episode of the high-stakes drama finds our two leads circling one another like seasoned pugilists. On one side, Damian Lewis’s super-rich Axe; on the other, dogged attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti). A fair fight? Not likely.

Booth readjusts to work back at the FBI, where Aubrey has taken over his office. At the same time he and Brennan investigate the death of a man found in a fish farm, whose organs had been harvested and sold on the black market.

Cold Feet

Back after over a decade away we find Adam (James Nesbitt) being a single father to his child with Rachel – and making a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Karen and David struggle with separation…

This season opener picks up three months after the dramatic events of season one, with investor, Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) trying to finalize the hostile takeover of Empire. Meanwhile, in federal lock-up, Lucious tries to run Empire from the inside.

Game of Thrones

Jaime Lannister returns to Kings Landing, only to find Cersei out for blood and determined to get it by any means (and what Cersei wants…). Meanwhile, Daenerys’s path to Westeros remains fraught with peril, while at the wall the men of the Knight’s Watch mourn their dead.

The Girlfriend Experience

First episode of a new drama show executive-produced by Steven Soderbergh. When a friend reveals she has been working as an escort, she encourages Christine (Riley Keough) to tag along and introduces her to a friend of one of her clients…


Lucifer Morningstar, the retired angel of Hell, owns a nightclub in Los Angeles. When a pop star is murdered by a drug dealer – right before Lucifer’s eyes – he uses his powers of persuasion to assist Detective Decker in apprehending the true culprit behind the killing.

Mr. Robot
This Golden Globe-winning drama involves a precocious computer whizz, Elliot Alderson (Malek), who ‘connects’ with people by hacking them – a kind of cyber-vigilante. However, things take a dark turn when he meets the mysterious Mr Robot (Slater) who wants to recruit him…

The Night Of

In this first episode, ‘The Beach’, Nasir 'Naz' Khan awakes after a night of passion to find his lover stabbed to death. When world-weary defence attorney Jack Stone (John Turturro) hears of the arrest, he steps in to represent Naz.

In this first episode, ‘A Darkness Surrounds Him’, the troubled and depressed Kyle is intrigued by the case of a local boy who is terrorising his family, much like Kyle's mother did to him as a child.

Pretty Little Liars

In this last episode of season six, the Liars offer up Hanna as bait in a bid to discover the identity of ‘A’. Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby work together to catch Sara Harvey, while Alison experiences strange visions.


In the first episode of this powerful new version of the 1977 miniseries Kunta Kinte (Malachi Kirby) is forced into slavery and then transported to Virginia in the United States, where he is sold to John Waller (James Purefoy).


We have a great selection of programmes suitable for kids all ages.

Austin & Ally
A tour ends and Ally is asked to go on a European jaunt by Ronnie Ramone, while Austin is looking forward to seeing his old pals. Then Austin feels obliged to take a job at his parents' mattress store when his parents offer him a job, but swiftly discovers that the world of bedding is not for him.

Avengers Assemble
In part one of the superhero adventure, The Black Order has infiltrated a special prison and freed their master Thanos. Sounds like just the challenge Tony Stark needs to test the team.

Barbie in Princess Power
Barbie stars as Kara, a modern-day princess who transforms into Super Sparkle, a secret, crime-fighting alter ego. However, it's not long before her jealous cousin also transforms – this time into Dark Sparkle, her nemesis.

Good Luck Charlie
In this instalment, Beau and Teddy go on a date to a Western-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Bob and Amy a get a big surprise.

Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

Ghoulish animated high-jinks – and the first-ever Monster High musical – as the gang descend on Boo York, where they must race to unravel the mystery of a comet and stop Nefera.

Peppa Pig Compilation
With plenty of jumping in muddy puddles from Peppa and George, this compilation of episodes aired earlier this year is sure to keep your little one occupied for ages. And as for poor old Daddy Pig…

Sanjay's Super Team

This short film from animation innovators Pixar tells of young Sanjay, who loves cartoons and comics – much to the disapproval of his father who wants him to study the Hindu practice. As usual with Pixar it’s a superb mix of engaging, stunning visuals and sheer entertainment.

Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc.

Massive revelations in this episode, ‘Battle of the Humungonauts’ as not only do the gang go in search of monsters but Scooby catches Shaggy and Velma kissing. And yes, you did read that correctly: Shaggy and Velma are an item!

Thomas & Friends: Legends of the Lost Treasure

Olivia Colman and Eddie Redmayne crop up in Thomas’s most daring adventure yet, as he goes in search of an old pirate ship and Sodor’s lost treasure. Will Thomas track down the treasure in time, or will Sailor John set sail with it?