Inflight gaming

On selected flights, you’ll find a great choice of games to test your skill and stimulate your mind.

Some games even let you challenge fellow passengers!
Here’s a look at some of the games available:

Battleship – a classic game of naval warfare
Bejewelled – addictive gem-matching puzzle fun
Blackjack – gamble in our virtual onboard casino!
Bowling Tournament – can you get a strike?
Brain-Fu Tournament – brain-baffling challenges to improve your IQ inflight
Caveman – arcade action in this maze-based game
Hold'Em Poker – try out the hottest card game around
Invasion – protect Earth from pesky space invaders
Kasparov Checkmate – the ultimate onboard chess challenge
Phlinx – enjoy hours of stone-matching puzzle play in Ancient Egypt
Poppit! – get popping for instant stress relief!
Solitaire – the classic solo card game
Sudoku – don’t be square, get number crunching
Trivia Challenge – compete to become the onboard trivia champion
Tetris – the world’s most popular video game
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – can you win a virtual million?

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