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Hey, where’s the video gone?

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Our crew look every bit the part as they’re groomed to perfection on the cover shoot for our in-house magazine, Runway.

But it doesn’t take a fashion shoot to get them looking this sharp. From one runway to another our ladies in red wear the Virgin uniform with the same passion and pride that inspired its design. But you could probably tell that from the sparkle in their eyes...

Our crew

Introducing Virgin Red

Three fashion houses, three decades. Our uniform was created for the very first time in 1984 by well-known designer Arabella Pollen, who introduced Virgin Red. With the sensation these elegant uniforms caused, it’s no surprise that’s been our signature colour ever since.

Our crew

"The Emanuel"

Ready for a regal touch, in the late 80’s the designers of Princess Diana’s wedding dress were invited to work their magic. Their design became the most iconic uniform of the decade, still known as ‘The Emanuel’ today.

Our crew

Set for the new millennium

In 1999 British designer of the year, John Rocha, was commissioned to create an all-new look. He introduced our purple and red neck scarf and completed our millennial look with chic black heels.

Our crew

The uniform you love today

For our 20th birthday in 2004 John Rocha vamped up his previous design to include a lower V neckline, tying the neck scarf like a cravat. 2011 saw the return of our red heels, completing the uniform you love today.