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Feeling fine

Flying without fear

We always try to make your flight as relaxing and enjoyable as possible
– even if you’re a nervous flyer.

If you’re affected by nerves when you fly, our inflight entertainment system features a Flying Without Fear audio channel – so you can save the nail biting for a movie! In addition, we offer a Flying Without Fear course at locations around the UK, which will help you conquer your nerves for good. There’s even an iPhone/iPad app of the Flying Without Fear course you can download now and take with you for extra peace of mind.

Inflight relaxation

Instead of the cold sweats, get deeply chilled by tuning into our dedicated Flying Without Fear audio channel. This programme calms your flying nerves, taking you to a state of total tranquillity. Bliss! Many of our flights also offer guided meditations on the Meditainment channel, letting you enjoy some escapism before you’ve even reached your destination.

Check our pages on Meditainment or the Flying Without Fear audio channel to find out more. And of course, if you do find your nerves are getting the better of you, don’t be shy – our cabin crew are always around to provide some friendly reassurance.

The Flying Without Fear course

If the thought of flying puts you on edge then rest assured you aren’t alone. That’s why we offer our expert-led Flying Without Fear one day course, designed to tackle your anxieties and leave you relaxed enough to enjoy flying. Really, it is possible! During the course you’ll meet an experienced (and of course charming) Virgin Atlantic Captain, who will explain everything from the (potentially) unnerving noises an aeroplane makes as part of its normal operation, to how something so big stays in the sky.

You’ll then have a session with our expert psychotherapist. Left feeling ready for anything, we’ll then take you on a 45-minute flight.

At the end of the course, along with your new-found confidence for flying, you will take home:

A course certificate signed by Richard Branson

An audio relaxation CD and booklet

You can also download our popular Flying Without Fear App (opens in a new window) from iTunes or buy our Flying Without Fear book. (opens in a new window)

Book your place

The Flying Without Fear course runs at many airports across the UK, at a cost of £255 including VAT. To book your place or find out more: