Safety assistants

Depending on your level of mobility or independence, you may need to travel with an attendant to ensure you have a smooth flight.

Medical Escorts

Occasionally we ask passengers, with severe medical conditions, to travel with a medically qualified escort.

Guidelines for medical escorts

Attendants that need to administer medication must be suitably qualified and will need to:

  • Carry all necessary medication and equipment required during the flight. 
  • Carry appropriate identification and documentation and a medical kit to justify the purpose of their travel and to satisfy any security measures. 
  • Adequately secure and lock medical kit bags. 
  • Ensure medical equipment required during the flight is battery operated and cleared for use onboard prior to travel. Please see our information on carrying medical equipment onboard.
  • Assist in the evacuation of their patient during an emergency situation. 
Safety Assistant

If you would have severe difficulties in emergency situations we may ask you to travel with a safety assistant.

Personal Attendant

If you would need assistance with eating, medication or in the toilet during your flight, you should consider travelling with a companion who can help you. Our cabin crew are not permitted to provide this kind of assistance.

Our stretcher policy

No Virgin Atlantic aircraft carries a stretcher. Additionally, though our Upper Class seats convert to a fully flat bed, they can’t stay in flat-bed mode during take off and landing – so they can’t be used as stretchers.

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