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Everything you need to know

Why fly with us

Virgin Atlantic aircraft

We're always looking for ways to better the Virgin Atlantic experience.
We want you to have a fabulous time, from the inital planning of your trip right through to touchdown at your chosen destination. Wherever you're going we’ll make your experience with us one you won't want to forget.

There are a number of reasons why Virgin Atlantic stands out from the crowd. Our award winning in-flight services will give you the comfiest flight going, allowing you to arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed. But even before you takeoff our 24 hour cooling off period and generous baggage allowance is something to be impressed by.

What makes us different?

Arrive refreshed

Thanks to a lower cabin altitude you can now get to your destination feeling comfortable and refreshed. Let your holiday begin on the plane with the in-flight services available to you. Our infinity mood lighting ensures that you can eat, sleep and use our on-board entertainment system all in an ideal light.

The Upper Class bar is a beautiful space where you can meet new people, the perfect place to unwind. Wander down to the Wander Wall in Premium Economy for a bite to eat or a stretch of the legs, and lap up the excitement that lays ahead. 

Award winning crew

Our award winning crew should be reason alone to book with us. Our crew really are in it for the long haul, adding that extra sparkle to every step of your journey.

Last year saw us take away 4 fabulously note worthy awards, the most prestigious being the HR excellence award for 'Best learning and development strategy'. This was a fantastic moment for us and shows that our training programme truly is one of a kind and our results are reflected by our increased customer satisfaction with passengers rating crew as 'excellent'.

Take a flight with us and you'll see what we mean...

Best seat in the sky

Our Boeing 787s are the best of the best. Economy seats are better than ever, with a luxurious amount of legroom to help you relax. Add that to more headspace and the smoothest of smooth reclines, and you’ll have the most comfortable flight imaginable. And when you’re ready to wake up, our windows are the biggest of any commercial aircraft so you can have the best view going.

And you don’t need to worry about losing contact with people, as for a small fee you can have WiFi for the duration of your flight, so you can keep those chats going.

Extra baggage allowance

We’re sure you’ll be thrilled to know that you can bring one piece of sports equipment for no extra charge. So if you’re going away for an action-packed break, then bring your bike or your golf clubs with you. As long as it doesn’t exceed our specified dimensions it's more than welcome. 

24 hour cooling off period

We know that sometimes we can all make impulse decisions. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment. Who wouldn’t when thinking of a trip to New York or Barbados? If that’s the case, then don’t panic. You can have a day cooling off period. If your flight isn’t in the next week, then just get in touch with your local contact centre within the first 24 hours to cancel or change your ticket.*

*Please bear in mind that there may be a fee if you leave this until later.