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Inflight connectivity

Just getting to a good bit in your eBook? Can’t stop listening to that one track on your phone? The good news is that you can use handheld electronic devices with a flight safe mode throughout our flights.

Here's a reference guide to which devices you can use, when. If you have any questions when you’re onboard, please ask one of our crew.

At certain times the flight crew or cabin crew may ask you to switch off all electronic devices. Please listen out for their announcements and if you’re using headphones, please still pay full attention to the safety demonstration as we depart. Wireless keyboards and headphones should be switched off and put away during taxi, take-off and landing.

using handheld devices onboard

Handheld devices

You can use handheld devices Including mobile phones, tablets, eReaders and music players throughout the flight. Please switch to flight safe mode when the aircraft door closes for departure.

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using laptops onboard


Carry on working on your laptop and notebooks during most phases of the flight. Please switch off and stow for taxi, takeoff and landing.

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Using WiFi onboard


WiFi is already available on all our 787 aircraft, and will continue to be rolled to the rest of our fleet from now through 2016. So you can chat, email and stay connected via your phone or tablet with the world below. A charge for WiFi applies.

Get online above the clouds

using headphones  onboard

Bluetooth accessories and headphones

You can use your own headphones throughout the flight. And we provide Virgin Atlantic ones for the inflight entertainment system.

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Transmitting devices with no flight safe mode

Please keep devices which don't have a flight safe mode ( for example GPS, radio transmitters and receivers and radio controlled toys) switched off throughout the flight for safety reasons.

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