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Cancun APD

Treasury to make £10 million a day in APD from holiday makers this summer

Posted Monday, 4 June 2012 at 00:00

Sir Richard Branson’s airline, Virgin Atlantic, has highlighted official figures showing that during the peak holiday months of July and August, the Government will take close to £600m in Air Passenger Duty – equivalent to £10 million a day. The bulk of these charges will be met by leisure travellers, including the hundreds of thousands of overseas visitors expected to come to London for the Olympic Games.

At a press conference in Mexico to launch Virgin Atlantic’s newest route to Cancun, President Sir Richard Branson spoke out against APD and said the airline will be taking positive action against one of the world’s highest aviation taxes.

Virgin Atlantic will:

  • Run an ‘APD free’ sale for tickets to Cancun to mark its new route and highlight the arbitrary banding system that places it in a more expensive tax bracket than Hawaii
  • Along with Virgin Holidays, carry a message on all e-tickets criticising the unjust tax and giving passengers the chance to petition their local MP against it via industry website

Speaking in Cancun, Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic, said:

“This suffocating tax has rocketed way out of control. Years of above-inflation increases have hit passengers hard, are hitting the economy hard and are impeding our recovery from the recession.

“In Olympic year, it is obscene for the Treasury to be taking £10 million every day from visitors and British holidaymakers alike.

“A family of four is now being asked to pay £325* in Air Passenger Duty to take a holiday to Cancun. It is a disgrace. We are today announcing an APD sale for Cancun to underline our fight against one of the highest taxes in the world.*

“We urge all of our passengers to add their voice and petition politicians to get their acts together and stop penalising travellers.”