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Projects we support

General funding criteria

Where in the world?

Virgin Atlantic ONLY supports projects in the United Kingdom and in the destinations in which we operate.

What we fund

Each year, we’re able to offer a small number of discounted flights to people who genuinely need our help. We receive thousands of requests and consider applications based on our funding criteria and on the individual merits of the applicant(s).

Medical treatment for children aged 2-21

We're able to donate a small number of flights for children needing medical treatment in a destination in which Virgin Atlantic operates. Each request must be accompanied with a letter from the child's GP or Consultant confirming their condition and its degree of severity. Before travelling, clearance must be gained by a Virgin Atlantic Special Assistant. Please note that because all taxes need to be paid on these tickets they cannot be advertised as FREE tickets. All flights are subject to space availability, so beneficiaries won't be able to travel during peak times.

What we are unable to fund

- Cash donations

Virgin Atlantic is unable to offer any cash donations; our contribution is always via tickets or discounts.

Virgin Atlantic is unable to offer any individual charity sponsorship, i.e. for flights to destinations where a fundraising activity is taking place or to make a donation to a charity other than those which our staff choose each year.

- Sponsor charity events

Unfortunately Virgin Atlantic doesn't sponsor charity events as we make our contribution through tax payable or discounted tickets. Our sponsorship strategy is focused on reinforcing our product through partnership opportunities instead of branding opportunities.

If you think you have a sponsorship proposal that fits this criteria, please email your full proposal to

- Excess baggage

In the face of extremely high fuel prices, we've had to make the tough decision to discontinue our policy of waiving the cost of excess baggage for charities.

- Virgin Atlantic branded items for charity events

Due to the sheer volume of requests we receive, Virgin Atlantic is unable to donate any current branded items for charitable causes.

What type of projects do you support?

Please refer to our funding criteria section.

How do charities apply for funding?

If projects match our funding criteria, please ask them to apply by emailing us at

How do charities apply for Change for Children funding?

Please note, Change for Children is supporting Free The Children until December 2015 so we are unable to take any other applications at this time.

How can I apply for flight assistance?

Flight assistance is only offered to individuals who meet our funding criteria. If your application meets the criteria above, please apply by emailing:

When will I hear if my application is successful?

We try our best to respond to all requests within 2 weeks. We receive thousands of requests each month and it takes time to thoroughly review and assess them, so please be patient if this takes a little longer than expected!

Do you fund or sponsor individuals?

Virgin Atlantic is unable to make any financial contributions to staff seeking sponsorship.