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The small print

The small print

6. Charges, payments and tax

6.1 Flight Rewards do not include any applicable taxes, fees, charges or surcharges imposed by any government authority, other authority or Virgin Atlantic, all of which are your responsibility. The level of such taxes, fees, charges and surcharges may be changed without notice. You must pay such taxes, fees, charges and surcharges prior to departure or prior to taking up any reward.

6.2 There may be supplementary charges for Rewards other than flights. Such supplementary charges are as set out in the relevant Partner pages.

6.3 If making a payment more than 21 days before travel (or Reward date), payment may be made by sending a cheque to Flying Club, payable to Virgin Atlantic Airways. Cheque payments in South Africa must be bank guaranteed. Payment by cheque is not accepted from residents of Hong Kong, the US and the UK.

6.4 We cannot guarantee that Participating Companies accept the same payment methods as Virgin Atlantic. Members will be responsible for checking with the relevant Participating Company if their desired method of payment is acceptable.

6.5 Cancellation of Rewards attracts cancellation charges as detailed in section 4.2.1 of these terms and conditions. If you cancel a Reward, please note that you will only be entitled to be re-credited Miles which you used to purchase such Reward if the Reward voucher is still valid at the time of cancellation. The re-credited Miles will be available for their original validity period.

6.6 It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the taxation treatment of any credit in connection with business or other activities. We will not be responsible for any tax liability.